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The ActivateSJ Strategic Plan is the City of San José's Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services’ (PRNS) plan to maintain, improve and expand our facilities, programs and services. The plan guides how we care for and develop a diverse park systems, and an abundance of recreation programs and services for all in San José.


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Community Investment - Measure P Bond Projects

Developed in the year 2000, the Greenprint (capital-centric strategic plan) protected, preserved and promoted parks, facilities and community centers using the voter-approved $228 million Measure P Parks and Recreation Bond. Twenty years later, San José has grown as a city and a community. ActivateSJ is a people-focused, service-driven 20-year strategic plan that complements Greenprint.

An extensive breakdown of all projects funded by the 2000's Parks and Recreation Bond can be found here.

 The TPL Park Finance Feasibility Study (July 2017)  presents viable local public options for funding conservation, parks, and recreation purposes; it also provides analysis of which local options and funding levels are feasible, economically prudent, and likely to be publicly acceptable.