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Alviso Business Center Sign Code Amendment

FILE NO. pp18-084

Proposed City-initiated amendments to Title 23 of the San José Municipal Code (the Sign Code) to allow freeway-facing Business Center Signs within the extents of Alviso Master Plan Area Boundary. The proposed actions include an ordinance amending Title 23 (the Sign Code) of the San José Municipal Code to:

i) Amend Chapter 23.04, Part 1, Commercial and Industrial Zoning Districts and Neighborhood Business Districts, to amend Section 23.04.036, “Business Center Signs,” to allow freeway facing on-site signs for sites located within the Alviso Master Plan Area, that are developed with office or research and development uses; and

ii) Make other non-substantive, ministerial, technical, or typographical changes to various Sections of said Chapter 23.04 of the Sign Code.


Alviso Master Plan Area Boundary, as delineated in the Alviso Master Plan: A Specific Plan for the Alviso Community