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Kelsey Ayer Station

Project Description

The Kelsey Ayer Station Project consists of:

  • Site Development Permit to allow the demolition of the existing building and construction of a new six-story, 115-unit multi-family (with approximately 77% of affordable units) on an approximately 0.47-gross acre site.
  • File Number: H19-019

Site Plan and Building Elevations



Site Location Data

  • Address / Street Location: 447 North 1st Street
  • City Council District: 3

Architectural Plan Set 

Environmental Documents

Staff has requested an Initial Study with the following technical reports: air quality study, a tree survey, an archaeological literature review, a phase I environmental site assessment, a noise study, and a traffic study.  The development of the Initial Study is currently being analyzed.

Community Meeting

Northside Community Center  - Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Planning Project Manager

Stefanie Farmer
(408) 535-3861
***Please submit comments via email to the address listed above***

Applicant Information

Olya Krasnykh
(650) 377-5734