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Mayor's Budget Office

Each year, Mayor Liccardo recommends budget priorities for the City of San José to help guide its fiscal future.

March Budget Message Overview

“The report of the third COVID-19-infected person in Santa Clara County that came out on Friday, February 28, shifted my assumptions about the trajectory of our economic prospects dramatically,” said Mayor Liccardo. “In evaluating our budgetary decision, we should expect heavy headwinds in several key economic sectors--such as air travel--that will have direct impacts on City revenues.”

As such, the Mayor's March Budget Message for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 proposes a three-tiered framework for any spending: 

  • Tier I:   Fiscal Resilience
  • Tier II:  Affordable Housing and Homelessness Solutions Funded by Measure E
  • Tier III: Contingent Expenditures

As we navigate turbulence due to COVID-19, the Mayor’s Budget Message recommends spending decisions mindful of the dramatic changes that our lives and economy may endure in the weeks ahead. 

Tier I:  Fiscal Resilience

This tier allocates $51 million to boost the City’s fiscal resilience, including saving, building reserves, paying down debt, and other mechanisms that reduce stress on the General Fund, and helps prepare for the recovery ahead.

Tier II: Affordable Housing and Homelessness Solutions Funded by Measure E

With the March 3rd passage of Measure E, Mayor Liccardo will keep the faith of the voters of San José, focusing the measure’s revenues on homelessness prevention grants and immediate solutions to solve the homeless crisis.

Tier III: Contingent Expenditures

 All expenditures in this tier are contingently allocated, and ultimately approved in June only (a) if news substantially improves in the weeks ahead, or (b) if there is a non-General Fund source for the expenditure. Tier III includes investments in the following areas:

  • Public Safety

  • Accelerating Affordable Housing Production

  • Equity, Displacement, and Economic Opportunity

  • Blight & Neighborhood Quality of Life

  • Community Building, Culture, and the Arts

For more information, please find the Mayor’s March Budget here. The Mayor’s June Budget Message is scheduled for release on June 8, 2020

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