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Land Use and Economic Development

Bringing Jobs to San José 

Mayor Liccardo has focused on implementing “jobs first” land use policies that will support the City’s long-term fiscal health, and ensure funding for core services like funding our police department and repaving our streets. As the former co-chair for the City’s 2040 General Plan, Mayor Liccardo helped ensure that the City’s blueprint for future growth and development focuses on correcting the city’s long-standing jobs to housing imbalance. He has also been active in shaping the city’s downtown strategy and the North San José Policy to help attract businesses and facilitate growth in two of the city’s employment centers. Among the companies that have made their way to San Jose under the Mayor's Leadership: 

Companies to San Jose


A Vibrant Downtown 

Mayor Liccardo has long been an ardent supporter of building the vibrant Downtown San José deserves. Since taking office, Mayor Liccardo has encouraged smart, dense development in the downtown core by inviting a mix of housing, retail, and transit.  

Cutting Red Tape 

Since taking office, Mayor Liccardo has overseen the digitization of dozens of City Permit processes, allowing applications to be submitted online. He has also helped propel the City’s efforts to streamline plan review programs, which will allow businesses to get projects off the ground more quickly. 

Raising the Minimum Wage

Mayor Liccardo championed a regional $15 per hour minimum wage to help struggling families keep up in Silicon Valley. After leading a successful regional campaign approved by the voters, the minimum wage began to increase incrementally until 2019, until it hit $15 on January 1. The minimum wage will continue to increase in subsequent years to adjust for cost of living. 

Building Our Workforce and Expanding Opportunity

Through public-private and strategic partnerships, Mayor Liccardo has propelled several programs to offer students in our city's low-income and underserved communities job training and skills critical to success in Silicon Valley. Learn more about the Mayor's job training efforts and initiative.