Updates on City of San José Services and/or Operations . (English | Español | Tiếng Việt | 中文)

Public Safety

Mayor and SJPD

Since taking office, Mayor Liccardo has focused on rebuilding our San José Police Department, increasing opportunities for kids in underserved communities, preventing domestic violence, and ensuring police accountability and transparency. 

Rebuilding the SJPD

Thanks to Mayor Liccardo's successful efforts to implement pension reform--saving taxpayers $3 billion--the San Jose Police Department has added back nearly 300 new officers to the force

Community Service Officers 

Mayor Liccardo has helped double the total number of Community Service Officers to respond to low-priority incidents, allowing trained police officers additional bandwidth to focus on violent crime.

Police  Transparency and Accountability

Mayor Liccardo spearheaded the initiative -- alongside Police Chief Eddie Garcia -- to ensure every SJPD officer wears Body-Worn Cameras, ensuring police accountability and transparency.

Building a Resume for At-Risk Teens

Mayor Liccardo has spearheaded efforts to offer nearly 4000 San Jose youth from underserved and at-risk neighborhoods their first summer job, with professional and financial literacy skill-building training. Learn more about SJ Works.

Combating Domestic Violence

Mayor Liccardo allocated funding to expand emergency housing and assistance to victims of domestic and family violence. The Mayor also redeployed sworn SJPD officers toward the domestic violence and sexual assault unit.