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San José has long been a leader in sustainability and climate-forward policy. Under Mayor Liccardo's leadership, the City has launched a bold plan to align San José with the Paris Climate Accord's emission reduction goals and lead the country in building the sustainable city of the future. 

Envisioning the Sustainable City of the Future: Climate Smart San José

In 2018, Mayor Liccardo launched  Climate Smart San José,  a plan that builds upon the City’s legacy of innovation and sustainability leadership. The plan makes San José one of the first major U.S. cities to chart a course to meet the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets of the international Paris Agreement. The plan was approved and adopted unanimously by the City Council. 

Cleaner, Greener Power: San Jose Clean Energy 

To achieve the bold goals defined in Climate Smart San José, under Mayor Liccardo's leadership, the City launched a community choice energy program that will offer all San José residents cleaner, greener, cheaper power than PG&E, with the option to upgrade to 100% renewable energy for the cost of a cup of coffee. The program reduces GHG emissions in the city of San Jose by more than 30%, or the equivalent of removing 235,000 off the road.

Climate emergency

In response to serious concerns by the Mayor and City on climate change, the Mayor led the charge to declare a climate emergency in the city of San José. With unanimous approval, the Mayor and Council voted to build “all-electric, zero-net-carbon” new municipal facilities, prohibit natural gas in new construction projects citywide by Jan. 2023, and partner with San José Clean Energy to provide 100 percent carbon-free energy to residents within the next two years.

A customer-owned pg&E

In response to decades of PG&E mismanagement, underinvestment, and neglect, Mayor Liccardo has led a coalition of elected leaders across the state in urging the investor-owned utility be transformed into one owned by its customers. Learn more about this effort, which is now gaining momentum with the support of officials who represent the majority of PG&E customers.