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San José encourages all to “build green,” certify and enjoy the resulting health and financial benefits. By incorporating green building practices into its buildings in San José, the City can demonstrate measurable energy efficiency, water conservation and improved air and water quality, which contribute to improving the environment and saving dollars.

The Private Sector Green Building Policy (Council Policy 6-32) was approved and requires Applicable Projects to achieve minimum green building performance levels using the Council adopted reference standards as specified in the table below.

Applicable Project Effective as of January 1, 2009
Commercial/Industrial - 
Tier 1
< 25,000 square feet = LEED Applicable NC Checklist
Commercial/Industrial - 
Tier 2
≥ 25,000 square feet = LEED Silver
Residential < 10 units 
Tier 1
GreenPoint or LEED Checklist
Residential ≥ 10 units 
Tier 2
GreenPoint Rated 50 points or LEED Certified
High Rise Residential 
(75' or higher)
LEED Certified