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2020 Waste and Recycling Workers Week

June 14 – 20, 2020 is Waste and Recycling Workers Week. The week was established as way to celebrate our waste workers and the critical, meaningful work they do every day. This year, it is especially important that we recognize these essential workers and the role they have played in keeping operations running and our communities clean during COVID-19.

Join us in celebrating all waste and recycling workers! Here are some friendly faces who are out working hard in our community every day.

Victor Sandoval IMG_0412

Name: Victor Sandoval
Company: California Waste Solutions
Position: Recycling Driver
Time in Industry: 25 years 

About: Victor is a lifelong resident of San José. The career runs in his family when his father started as a garbage route driver when he was 16 years old, later retiring after 49 years in the industry. Victor loves serving the community, he is a people person, takes pride in his work, and loves the fact he is assigned his own recycling truck. His favorite part of the job is the outdoors and providing a valuable customer service. During the COVID-19, Victor has received appreciation from customers he services on his route. Many customers have thanked him and shared appreciation for the service he provides – major reason why he loves his job.

Frank King 

Name: Frank King
Company: Garden City Sanitation
Position: Residential Garbage Driver
Time in Industry: 36 years

About: Frank always has a wonderful attitude on the job, a major reason why children on his route love to see him when he is in the neighborhood. Frank is very involved in the community and has been a coach for girls high school softball for 23 years. He is a dedicated husband, father and Garden City Sanitation employee.

Martin Gomez

Name: Martin Gomez
Company: GreenTeam
Position: Garbage Driver 
Time in Industry: 31 years 

About: Martin has been a San José resident since 1972 and has been with GreenTeam since 1993. Martin and his wife, Gloria, have been married 33 years and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Martin is an valued worker at GreenTeam and is always readily available to assist on other routes when needed. With so many years of experience, Martin knows every route, stop, and bin location by heart. On the dispatch radio, Martin is known as the howling coyote. Martin is also known to start the morning with this quote no matter what the day looks like - “What a beautiful day".