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Fireworks FAQs

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Should I call 9-1-1 to report fireworks?

  • When is the Fireworks Reporting Form available?

  • Will the police or fire departments respond to online reports?

  • Why can’t I get a police officer to respond to illegal fireworks activity (other than fires and injury)?

  • Will using the form result in a citation to the fireworks user?

  • Can I submit information anonymously?

  • How will the data collected be used?

  • Why did I get a citation?

  • How can I contest a citation?

  • What if I cannot afford the advance deposit of the fine when contesting a citation?

  • What if I cannot afford the citation?

  • Why did/didn’t I receive a postcard?

  • How do I get a permit to host a professional and legal fireworks display?

  • Where can I surrender unused fireworks?