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Our Mission

The Housing Department's mission is to strengthen and revitalize our community through housing and neighborhood investment.

Since the Housing Department was established in 1987, the City has been a leader in affordable housing, creating more than 21,000 new housing opportunities for San José residents.

A major function of the Housing Department is its work as a funder. The Department utilizes numerous financing vehicles to bring new affordable housing to fruition and rehabilitate older affordable housing.

The Department also funds grants for nonprofits to develop and provide social services, homeless response programs, and community infrastructure. Additional grants support Fair Housing policies, place-based neighborhood efforts, and meal programs for low-income seniors.

The Department oversees a range of other critical programs and initiatives, including rent control and stabilization programs for apartments and mobilehomes, and the City's Ellis Act Ordinance that protects the City's supply of affordable rental housing.

And, working in partnership with other City departments and agencies, the Housing Department works to ensure the City has a variety of housing options in every neighborhood.