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Find Resources and Legal Assistance

Harassment and Discrimination Claims

Bay Area Legal Aid

Legal Advice Line

(800) 551-5554

Provides free legal advice and representation to low-income tenants with housing issues.


Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Fair Housing Law Project

(408) 280-2452

Volunteer Eviction Assistance Clinic

(408) 280-2424

Provides legal advice for tenants and landlords. May also provide legal representation to qualifying patrons.


Project Sentinel

(408) 720-9888

Provides mediation services and legal advice regarding Landlord-Tenant disputes. Investigates housing discrimination claims.


Santa Clara County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

(408) 971-6822

Provides services to city residents from San José, Milpitas, Los Gatos, Campbell, Willow Glen, Cupertino, and Sunnyvale.


Senior Adults Legal Assistance (SALA)

Central County Office

(408) 295-5991

Provides a range of legal services to persons of age 60 or older of Santa Clara County.


Asian Law Alliance

(408) 287-9710

Provides legal advice and services in housing and other resources.


Discrepancies in Utility Charges

California Public Utilities Commission

(415) 703-2782

Regulates privately owned electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, and more. Assists with utility billing or servicing issues and accepts complaints.


Recycling & Garbage

(408) 535-3500

Assists with garbage and sewage billing and concerns.


Weights and Measures

(408) 918-4601

Assists with filing complaints regarding utility meter readings.


Rent Increases Above Maximum Annual Percentage

Department of Housing

Rent Stabilization Program


Provides referrals and general information on Mobilehome Rent Ordinance and Regulations.


Mobilehome Repairs 

Habitat for Humanity- Home Repair and Rehabilitation Program

(510) 803-3388

Provides a home repair grant through their rehabilitation program for qualifying mobilehome residents. Application forms may be found online.


Park Resident Organizations

Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League (GSMOL)

(800) 888-1727

Provides legislative advocacy and education for its members at state and local levels to protect and promote resident rights and the health, safety, welfare and investment of members. Local GSMOL representatives offer case-by-case assistance to members.


Park Owner Organizations

Manufactured Housing Educational Trust

(949) 380-3303

Provides education to park owners and managers of mobilehome parks about mobilehome park operations and community issues.


Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA)

(916) 448-7002

Promotes and protects the interest of park owners, operators, and developers of mobilehome park communities in California.


Health and Safety Code Violations

Office of the Mobilehome Ombudsman

(916) 263-4742 (Sacramento Area)

(800) 735-2929 (TTD Number)

Assists with filing complaints and/or obtaining information regarding health and safety concerns, fraudulent mobilehome sales, Mobilehome Residency Law, and local resources.


registration and titling 

Housing & Community Development Department


The Registration and Titling (R&T) Program provides registration and title documents for new or resold manufactured homes, commercial modulars, floating homes and truck campers. 


mobilehome residency law

Housing & Community Development Department

Residents may obtain a copy of the most recent Mobilehome Residency Law on the Housing & Community Development Department's website.  This body of law is updated annually in February.