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Rent Control

The Mobilehome Rent Ordinance, and its companion Mobilehome Regulations, regulate rent increases on mobilehomes and mobilehome lots.


The City’s Mobilehome Rent Ordinance covers spaces for which plumbing, electrical and sewer permits were issued prior to September 7, 1979. Some mobilehome spaces may be exempt from the Ordinance.

To determine if a property is rent-controlled, you can click here to view a map of rent-controlled properties or you may call the Rent Stabilization Program staff at (408) 975-4480. When viewing the map:

  1. Select "Mobile Home Parks" on the menu on the left side of the screen to view properties covered by the Mobilehome Rent Ordinance.
    (If the menu does not automatically show when you open the map, click the blue box with the three white horizontal lines inside to open the menu.)
  2. Type in the property address at the top left and press enter.
  3. Click on the purple areas to learn more about the mobilehome parks located there.


Under the Mobilehome Rent Ordinance, annual increases on space rents are limited to 75% of the change in the San Francisco-Oakland All Urban Consumer Price Index (CPI), with a minimum increase of 3% and a maximum increase of 7%.

If the rent on a mobilehome space was not increased in the prior year, the park may combine the percentages for two years.

Rents may not, with a few exceptions, be increased when the mobilehome is sold or transferred. Examples of exceptions are abandonments, eviction by a court, or a dealer pull-out.


A park owner may petition for a hearing by an Administrative Hearing Officer to request approval to increase rents above the maximum annual percentage. Residents who will be affected by the increase may participate in the hearing process.


A service reduction occurs when the level of service provided by the park owner has been reduced without a corresponding decrease in rent. The State Mobilehome Residency Law allows mobilehome park residents to make a written request for a meeting on service problems with the park owner or their representative. If this meeting does not resolve the problem, the City's Rent Stabilization Program may be able to assist both parties in negotiating a solution. You may also be able to seek a remedy through small claims or other courts.


The Rent Stabilization Program may be contacted at (408) 975-4480 or by e-mail. It is located at:

San José City Hall
12th Floor
200 East Santa Clara St.
San José, CA 95113