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City-wide Brown Bag Seminars

Voya offers "brown bag" seminars at various places throughout the City to assist employees in planning and understanding options as it relates to saving for retirement.  Human Resources publishes monthly calendars via payroll flyers and your department HR liaison may be able to assist as well.  

Meet with a Voya Representative

Voya representatives schedule site visits to all City locations.  If you are unable to see them during a planned visit, please reach out with any questions. 

If you are an employee in the Airport, Police, Library, Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services, or Transportation, please contact:

For employees in all other departments, please contact:

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Retirement Savings Jargon

Don’t speak the language of retirement plans? Most people don’t. National Association of Retirement Plan Participants(NARPP) has put together a glossary of frequently used terms.