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Cybersecurity Advisory Board


The City of San José (CSJ) Cybersecurity Advisory Board is designed and exists to advise, assist, and support the CSJ in cybersecurity as well as offer guidance into overall program development.  Members share expert knowledge and industry experience to inspire change in the rapidly evolving information security industry. 


Mayor Sam Liccardo’s Office in San José has created the Cybersecurity Advisory Board (CAB). This select group of senior security leaders will provide insights around Cybersecurity to inform the Mayor’s Smart City Vision to make San José the most innovative city in America by 2020.  The complete details of the Smart City Vision are available at San Jose Smart City Vision

The Mayor is committed to innovation and the adoption of technologies for broadband networks, data analytics, and closing the digital divide.  The City has created the Cybersecurity Office under the Information Technology Department . The Cybersecurity Office’s top priority is to develop and align strategies to enable the implementation of such technologies in a secure manner as well as to protect the City from any threats whether natural or by malicious actors.

As we move to our next phase of work, the Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation is seeking a select group of private and public experts to share their insights on:

  • Which security technology advancements can have the most impact to better secure future technology initiatives?
  • How can San José enhance its resilience and better prepare for a cyberattack?
  • How do we further position San José to embrace a secure IoT future?


This is a body created to advise City Management and staff.  Advisory Board members are required to comply with the City’s Procurement and Contract Process and related Integrity and Conflict of Interest provisions.  Advisory Board members also need to avoid making recommendations that promote products and/or services that directly benefit their business interests, and must exclude any sales content to avoid procurement conflicts.

The above requirements are for the benefit of the public, City, and any vendors that want to preserve their right to participate in future procurement. 


Meets: Two times per year
Location: City Hall, 18th floor, Mayor's Conference Room
Number of Members: 7 - 10
Member Term: One calendar year
Staff Contact: Marcelo Peredo - 408-535-4821



Feb 19, 2019 12:30 PM  City Hall  | 18th Floor, Mayor's Conf. Room Presentation