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Crowd Control & Use of Force Reform

In light of recent civil unrest, Mayor and Councilmembers call for San Jose Police Department to increase transparency on crowd control tactics, including the use of KIP’s, CS gas (commonly referred to as tear gas), and other methods of force, as well as a recommendation from the department whether the use of KIPs should be banned.

Find a copy of the proposal here along with the latest media release with more information.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

  • What are kinetic impact projectiles (KIP)?

    • Kinetic impact projectiles (KIPs), commonly known as rubber and plastic bullets, are used for crowd- control purposes by law enforcement worldwide in multiple forms. 

  • What is the timeline of this proposal, and what happens if it is approved?

    • The City Council will consider the memorandum on Tuesday, June 9. While some of the recommendations may lead to action on Tuesday, additional action items may be considered at a future date, including video review and upcoming IPA use of force review (to occur by August). The memorandum directs the City Manager to return to Council by August with language for the November 2020 ballot that will expand the authority of the IPA. 

  • Why call for police reforms, rather than defunding programs?

    • San Joséans need to feel safe in their community — from police brutality and from crime. With crime disproportionately affecting communities of color and a thinly staffed police force (p. 114),  defunding the police would cut critical services neighbors depend on. Instead, the memorandum calls to achieve balance by increasing transparency and reforming use of force policies for the SJPD.

  • How can residents report police misconduct ? 

  • What happens during the reporting process to the IPA, and what action is taken?

    • Please see the graphic below depicting the IPA process: