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Meet the City Manager

City Manager Dave Sykes

Dave Sykes serves as City Manager of the City of San José, reporting directly to the Mayor and City Council, and leads a workforce of over 6,600 employees and oversees a $4.7 billion annual operating budget for America’s 10th largest city. In his role, he is responsible for administration of day-to-day municipal operations and the implementation of Council policies.

Dave, a long-time employee of the City of San José, joined the organization in 1987 as a part-time engineering trainee and has served in several leadership roles including Director of Public Works, City Engineer, Director of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement and Chief Operating Officer of the City. During his tenure, he has worked on Regional Transportation Projects, Development Review and Capital Project Delivery and was responsible for the oversight and delivery of over $700 million of public improvements in the “Decade of Investment” funded by voter-approved bonds.

As City Manager, he is focused on eight near-term priorities for San José, the Capital of Silicon Valley — a global innovation center with one of the largest concentrations of technology companies and expertise in the world:
  • Emergency Management and Preparedness: 
    Ensure San José is well-prepared for emergencies and disasters.
  • Creating Housing and Preventing Homelessness: 
    Address the City’s housing and homelessness crisis.
  • Vibrant, Safe and Inclusive Neighborhoods and Public Life: 
    Ensure San José’s neighborhoods are vibrant and create community spaces that bring residents together.
  • The Future of Downtown: 
    Manage the complex mix of transit improvements, commercial and residential development, and public space improvements taking place in Downtown.
  • Building the San Jose of Tomorrow – Private Development Services: 
    Evaluate and improve the City’s planning, building and permitting processes to build the future San José.
  • Smart and Sustainable City: 21st Century Infrastructure: 
    Update our water, energy, and internet connectivity and translate traditional infrastructure into 21st century infrastructure.
  • Strategic Fiscal Positioning and Resource Deployment: 
    Manage and balance the City’s $4.7 billion budget.
  • Powered by People: 
    Create a diverse, talented and engaged workforce.
Born in the United Kingdom and raised in San José, Dave holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in civil engineering from San Jose State University. Dave and his wife, Elizabeth Sykes, have a daughter and son who both attend San Jose State University.