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Scholarship for Classes & Activities

We offer scholarships to ensure that San José residents have access to our programs, classes and activities.

Citywide Scholarship Program

The City of San José’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services’ Citywide Scholarship Program will ensure that qualifying San José residents will have access to participation in department programs, classes, and activities. The scholarship is open to people 0 - 49 years of age, Active Adults and All Access participants. All requests are subject to available funding and qualifications. Submit completed application to any Community Center.

 Eligibility criteria  
  1.  The PRNS Citywide Scholarship Program will operate in two (2) steps. Step 1 is for the customer to submit the application and eligible documents in person at the facility of choice. Step 2 is for the customer to verify class selection, complete the registration process, and pay the balance due, prior to class start date

  2. Citywide Scholarship Applications will be available at participating Community Centers and the following Regional Parks: Emma Prusch Farm Park, Almaden Lake Park, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo and Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park. Applications may also be downloaded online. Applications for the PRNS Citywide Scholarship Program and proof of eligibility will be accepted in person only at each available location for review. If qualified, scholarships will be available only during the program application year indicated on the Citywide Scholarship Application. Funding is subject to availability.

  3. Scholarship recipient must be a San José resident, between the ages of 0-49, a qualified active adult age 50+, or a person with a disability. Proof of residency includes utility bills dated within 60 days of the application that have the name and address of the participant, parent or legal guardian and must be submitted with application

  4. Eligibility documentation is required and copies must be submitted with application

(1) Proof of Identity:

  • Identification Card
  • Driver's License
  • Passport

(3a) Participant/Parent/Legal Guardian must be currently enrolled and show proper documentation for one of the following programs:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Subsidized Housing HUD Section 8 rent subsidy
  • Food Stamps (California Advantage or Cal-Fresh)
  • Medi-Cal
  • California’s Life Line Program (reduced rates for phone)
  • Women, Infants, & Children (WIC)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Program
  • If both parents/guardians or participants are unemployed and receiving CA State Unemployment Insurance benefits
  • Parent/guardian or participant enlisted as an “active” member in the U.S. Military

(3b) FIT Camp Alternative Eligibility:

  • A doctor’s referral to be enrolled in Fit Camp
  • Show an unhealthy BMI
    • An unhealthy BMI is based on the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) BMI-for-age growth chart and corresponds to the BMI-for-age percentile. For more information, please see onsite FIT Camp Recreation Program Specialist.

Register for all PRNS programs at

Emma Prusch Park Scholarship

Emma Prusch Farm Park, in an effort to make the park programs accessible to children of all backgrounds, Emma Prusch Park offers scholarships of various amounts to low and middle income families. We encourage families to apply for the amount of assistance that they feel is necessary. This scholarship only applies to classes at Emma Prusch Park. Please submit completed application to Emma Prusch Park.


Family Campership Program

The Campership program is a subsidized camping fee program for residents and non-residents who wish to attend Family Camp at Yosemite. A maximum award of four nights and applicants must meet HUD guidelines.Submit completed applications to Leininger Center.


Safe Summer Initiative

The Safe Summer Initiative offers grants to non-profit organizations that can provide safe community events, activities, and programs that give youth the opportunity to participate in programs that encourage outdoor activity and build social skills.