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Edenvale Area Development Policy

Edenvale is governed by adopted the Edenvale Area Development Policy (formerly Edenvale Redevelopment Plan) that coordinates transportation infrastructure improvements and land use development.

1976 - 1979

The City prepared and certified a Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) entitled, “Edenvale Redevelopment Project,” in 1976 which addressed the impacts of creating the original Edenvale Redevelopment Project. The expansion, adoption, and implementation of the Edenvale Redevelopment Plan (which included New Edenvale/the expanded Redevelopment Project) was certified in 1979 under a separate FEIR entitled, “Edenvale Redevelopment Project Area Expansion”.

1996 - 1997

A Supplemental EIR was prepared in 1996 because substantial changes surrounding the project action occurred. The Edenvale Redevelopment Plan Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report was certified by the City Council on April 17, 1997 under Resolution #67245.


The City Council adopted a slightly modified Area Development Policy (ADP) for the Edenvale area in 2000. Accordingly, staff prepared an Addendum to the Edenvale Redevelopment Project Supplemental Environmental Impact Report under resolution nos. 69699 and 70021 (November 21, 2000) under file number PP00-07-107 (SCH#1996052098).


An amendment in 2003 allowed for the inclusion of a Lowe’s store within the EADP.


The Edenvale Area Development Policy Area (EADP) was updated again in 2006 to change the land use designation on a specific site (iStar – file numbers PDC04-100, GP03-02-05/GPT03-02-05, GP04-02-02/GPT04-02-02) and to develop a mix of industrial R&D/office and commercial/retail uses in the Policy Area. A Resolution (no. 05-089) was certified by the City for the iStar General Plan Amendment and PD Zoning Project Final EIR (SCH # 2005012046).


The Policy Area was expanded in 2007 to include Sub-Area 5. It was determined that the inclusion of Sub-Area 5 would contribute to the previously identified significant and unavoidable impacts identified in the original EADP EIR.


The Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan (links to all documents are listed above) was adopted by the City Council in November 2011. Upon adoption, the EADP was included as Employment Land (employment generating uses, specifically areas defined as non-residentially designated lands supporting private sector employment).


The EADP was updated again 2014, under file no. PDC04-100, to include specific development sites (iStar and Silver Creek Valley Place) in the Policy Area. The environmental impacts for this update were considered in the Great Oaks Mixed Use Project, Planned Development Zoning File #PDC 04-100 Final EIR (SCH # 2013032047). Documents related to this update are listed above.

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