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Instructions for Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting

Here are instructions for the mitigation monitoring and reporting requirements for the City's Environmental Compliance Program: 

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting

Review the project's approved environmental review document (EIR, Addendum or Mitigated Negative Declaration) and MMRP (Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program). Create a list of all relevant mitigation measures and/or permit conditions required for the project.
  1. Review the approved development permit and identify the permit conditions that are required to be met prior to the issuance of grading permits and provide a hard copy of the required reports/documents/evidence of compliance. 

  2. Prepare a cover letter summarizing how the project complies with all required mitigation measures and permit conditions. Prepare and include technical compliance reports as necessary.

  3. Submit a hard copy of the cover letter and all required reports to the Planning Division, Attention: Meenaxi Raval  or email:

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) 

  1. Review the project’s approved permit and environmental review document for HCP-specific mitigation measures and permit conditions. 

  2. Complete the HCP Coverage Screening Form to determine whether the project is considered a “Covered Project." This form is available on the Habitat Agency’s website

  3. Complete the HCP Application for Private Projects and Fee Calculator. These forms are available on the Habitat Agency’s website

  4. Prepare and include habitat, wildlife, and/or plant surveys and compliance reports as necessary.

  5. Submit a complete HCP application package to the Planning Division, Attention: Kara Hawkins or email:

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