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995 Oakland Road Car Wash and Hotel

FILE NO. cp18-034

Conditional Use Permit to allow the construction of new 2,880 square foot drive-through car wash and a new 64,886 square foot hotel on a 2.66-gross acre site located in the CIC Combined Industrial/Commercial Zoning District. The project site is currently developed with existing auto-related structures and businesses, including a tire shop, car wash, and print shop, and a single-family residence, all of which would be demolished prior to construction of the proposed project. The site is located among commercial and industrial development to the north and south, multi-family residences across Oakland Road to the east, and single-family residences and commercial uses adjacent to the site to the west.


Northwest corner of Oakland Road and Horning Street

public comment period

September 6, 2019 to September 26, 2019



Kara Hawkins
(408) 535-7852