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1073 S. Winchester Boulevard Mixed-Use Project

Project Description

SP20-002: Special Use Permit to allow demolition of two buildings totaling 9,762 square feet and allow the construction of a 6-story mixed-use building consisting of 61 residential units and approximately 18,000 square feet of commercial office space, and allow the removal of 16 trees (9 ordinance-size trees and 7 smaller trees) on a .82-gross acre site; and

T20-003: Tentative Map to subdivide one lot into no more than 61 residential condominiums and no more than nine commercial condominium units for the purposes of individual sale, on an approximately 0.82-gross acre site.

PD19-011_Updated Elevation

Planning Staff Contact

Name / Title: Maira Blanco, Planner
Phone: 408-535-7834

**Please submit comments to the email address above and please include the project file number in the subject line of the email**


June 18, 2020, Virtual Community Meeting

Time: 6:30 p.m.


You are invited to a community meeting to give feedback on this proposed project. Comments are encouraged and accepted prior to the meeting date. Please email


Alternate languages may be selected through Google Translate option located at the top of the webpage. If you have additional questions regarding this project and need a translator, please contact the appropriate translator noted below.

  • Spanish: Para información en español acerca de esta solicitud, comuníquese con Jennifer Provedor al 408-793-4100, e índique el número de Proyecto SP20-002
  • Vietnamese: To speak with a Vietnamese translator, please contact Kieulan Pham at 408-793-4305 and mention the following project number: SP20-002


  • Existing: CP Commercial Pedestrian Zoning District

Application Information

  • File Numbers: SP20-002 and T20-003
  • Initial Submittal Date: January 8, 2020
  • Owner Name: Adam Askari
  • Applicant Name: Yisrael 26, LLC.
  • More Information: Use and search by Permit, Property or Zoning Information. Type in the permit/reference numbers (SP20-002)

Site Location Data

  • Address / Street Location: 1073 S. Winchester Boulevard (west side of the street, about half way between Williams Road and Walgrove Way)
  • Assessor's Parcel Number: 299-25-038
  • City Council District: 1
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Plan Sets

Special Use Permit Plan Set:

Environmental Documents

The Environmental Initial Study will be prepared for the environmental clearance. The Public Circulation Period for the draft Initial Study has not commenced.

The assigned Environmental Planner is Maira Blanco. She can be reached at Please include the project file numbers (SP20-002) in the subject line of your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the building be taller than the new apartments behind 7-Eleven up the street? 

According to the approved Planned Development Permit PD15-067, for the new mixed-use project called “The Reserve” the project is between 3 to 6 stories in height, up to 80 feet in height with projections (such as elevator shafts and stairwells). The subject project proposes a 6-story building (approximately 75 feet in height with projections). Therefore, the proposed project is shorter than The Reserve development by approximately 5 feet. 

2. When will construction begin? 

The applicant estimates construction to begin January 2022. Note, the project construction date would be contingent upon and could not proceed until planning approval is granted and grading and building permits are reviewed and issued. 

3. How long will the construction take to complete? 

The applicant estimates construction to be completed in approximately 24 months. 

4. Where will moving vans park when owners, renters, and tenants move-in and move-out?

The finish floor elevation from the ground floor to the next floor above is only 15 feet. The off-street loading zone is not long enough to accommodate the largest U-Haul truck with loading ramp extended. Also, getting to the loading area may be a challenge with a large truck. 

It is true that the ground floor height is 15 feet. There are a couple of other options in the U-Haul fleet that can be accommodated on-site. Additionally, the 15-foot floor to ceiling height complies with Municipal Code Section 20.90.420, which states that off-street loading shall be a minimum of 15 feet high. Current plans show an off-street loading area for the project on the ground floor level.  

5. How many guest parking spaces will there be? Street parking nearby is congested with all the neighboring apartment buildings. 

The Zoning Ordinance does not require designated visitor parking spaces; however, that does not prevent a project from incorporating these spaces. The required parking is calculated using the following ratios: 

Residential Living Unit Size Ratio Required 
1 Bedroom (18 Units) 1.25 Per Unit 23 Spaces
2 Bedroom (25 Units) 1.7 Per Unit 43 Spaces
3 Bedroom (18 Units) 2 Per Unit 36 Spaces
* rounded up per code 102 Spaces

Commercial 0.5 FAR

17970 sq.ft.

@ 0,85 factor

15274.5 sq.ft.

 1 Per 250 sq.ft. 62 Spaces
Total Project Requirement
164 Spaces 
Parking Provided  115 Spaces
Parking Reduction 49 Spaces
TDM Reduction 29.8%  

This project is requesting a 29.8% parking reduction based on allowances made in the Zoning Ordinance for projects in Urban Villages. This parking reduction would require support by a Transportation Demand Management Program.  

6. Will the southbound Winchester Boulevard remain a “no stopping at any time” zone in front of the building? 

The project is located within the Winchester Boulevard Urban Village boundary. There are onsite parking lots along Winchester Blvd., so on-street parking is often redundant and underused along much of Winchester Blvd. Additionally, on-street parking should be reduced in favor of complete street features such as bike lanes and/or landscaping and lighting improvements, except where needed for certain businesses. Adding on-street parking may cause safety issues and derail the purpose of encouraging alternative modes of transportation (i.e. biking).   

Furthermore, Urban villages are walkable, bicycle-friendly, transit-oriented, mixed-use settings that provide both housing and jobs, thus supporting the General Plan’s environmental goals.  

7. The street trees have matured nicely at the property, will the replacement trees be the same height and age? 

Street tree replacement will be coordinated through DOT and the City Arborist. Street tree placement will be decided by the City Arborist after a thorough site assessment. When selecting trees, characteristics to consider include: tree shape, growth speed to maturity, drought tolerance, shade provided, habitat value, attractiveness of foliage, and availability. Final planting choices may vary according to availability and site design. 

On-site trees will be replaced using the following ratios: 

Tree Replacement Ratios 
Circumference of Tree to be Removed Type of Tree to be Removed Minimum Size of Each Replacement Tree 
 Native Non-Native Orchard 
38 inches or more 5:1 4:1 3:1  15-gallon
19 to 38 inches 3:1 2:1 none  15-gallon
Less than 19" inches 1:1 1:1  none  15-gallon
x:x = tree replacement to tree loss ratio 
Note: Trees greater than or equal to 38-inch circumference shall not be removed  unless a Tree Removal   Permit, or equivalent, has been approved for the removal  of such trees. For Multi-Family residential,   Commercial and Industrial properties, a  permit is required for removal of trees of any size.
A 38-inch tree equals 12.1 inches in diameter. 
A 24-inch box tree = two 15-gallon trees 
Single Family and Two-dwelling properties may be mitigated at a 1:1 ratio. 

The project requires a minimum 15-gallon replacement tree. 

8. Are any of the proposed condos considered affordable or low-income housing? 

The project does not include an affordable housing component. However, all projects proposing the creation of 20 or more dwelling units are subject to the City’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance. The project has submitted an Affordable Housing Compliance Plan and selected to pay an in-lieu fee under the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance instead of building affordable housing on-site.   

9. Does the existing sewer system have capacity for this development? 

This is still under review by the City, however, in accordance with the City Ordinance, the project will be required to pay all storm sewer area fees, sanitary sewer connection fees, and sewage treatment plant connection fees, less previous credits. The existing sewer system capacity is currently being evaluated. If the proposed project is determined to cause a system deficiency, upsizing of sanitary main(s) will be required. 

10. Does the existing water supply have capacity for this development without affecting water pressure? 

All development projects are shared with the applicable water district. To date, no comments have been provided to staff raising concerns. Finally, the environmental review will consider the project’s impacts to utilities, including water supplies.  

11. Do the local schools have capacity for these additional housing units? 

All development projects are shared with the applicable school districts. To date, no comments have been provided by the school district addressing concerns with the project. Additionally, the project’s environmental review will consider public services, including potential school impacts. Finally, the project would be required to pay developer fees including state mandated school district impact fees upon building permit issuance.  

12. Do the neighborhood streets have capacity for these additional housing units? 

Since the project proposed aligns with the development capacity anticipated for the site in the Urban Village and General Plan it will likely not impact street capacity. However, a transportation analysis including a local transportation analysis which analyzes impacts to the street will be conducted for the project. 

13. Does the existing electrical grid have capacity for these additional housing units? 

This will be reviewed in the Utilities and Energy section of the environmental document (IS/MND).  

14. Will the building include electric vehicle charging stations or infrastructure (wiring) at each parking space? 

The current plan set does not show electric vehicle charging stations or infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations. For non-residential uses, the project is required to designate 6 spaces for any combination of low-emitting, fuel-efficient, and carpool or van pool vehicles.  

15. Will the building have storage space for each unit? 

Extra storage space is not planned per the current plan set.  

16. How will the building accommodate mail and especially package delivery without blocking traffic and access?  

Dedicated parking will be available for long-term stay/mail delivery and the off-street loading space works for quick drop-off/delivery. 

17. How does the subterranean garage vent vehicle exhaust and which direction is it vented? 

These details will be addressed in the construction documents for the Building Permit. 

18. Does the building provide adequate access for garbage truck service? 

The trash enclosure is located off-site on the ground floor and will require push/pull service for loose bins for street-side garbage collection.   

19. Where will service providers (cable TV providers, plumbers, carpet cleaners, appliance repair, repair contractors) park when servicing the building condos and tenants for periods greater than simply a delivery/drop off? 

Refer to #16.  

20. What is the boundary of the project site? 

The project site includes 1073-1087 S. Winchester Boulevard, between 1101 S. Winchester and 1065 S. Winchester Boulevard.