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Almaden Country Day School (SP19-023 & C19-026)

Project Description

Special Use Permit to allow for the continued use and phased renovation of a private elementary school, including new and modified buildings and site improvements, and outdoor uses within 150 feet of residentially-zoned properties on a 9.13 gross acre site; and a Conforming Rezoning to rezone property from R-1-5 Single-Family Residence Zoning District to PQP Public/Quasi Public Zoning District to conform with General Plan designation.

South Elevation - Almaden Country Day School for HIP page

Project Phasing

Phase 1: a gymnasium with a stage. Proposed height: 31 feet and 4 inches as shown on Sheet A6.10.
Phase 2: a new middle school building and office
Phase 3: a new elementary building
Phase 4: a theater and enrichment program building

Construction of the Phase 1 building is estimated to take 12-15 months. Subsequent phases are estimated to take another 4-5 years after completion of the first phase. A Master Plan proposed by the applicant is currently being reviewed and includes the conceptual design and layout for phases 2-4.


Current Zoning & Standards

  • R-1-5 Single-Family Residence
  • Max Height: 35 feet (2.5 stories)
  • Setbacks:
    • Front: 20 feet (2 frontages)
    • Side: 12.5 feet

Proposed Zoning

  • PQP Public/Quasi Public
  • Max Height: 65 feet
  • Front: 10 feet
  • Side: 10 feet

Application Information

File Numbers: SP19-023 and C19-026
Initial Submittal Date: July 10, 2019
Owner Name: San Jose Unified School District
Applicant: A Gifted Education, Inc., Olaf Jorgenson

Site Location Date

Address/ Street Location: 6835 Trinidad Drive
City Council District: 10

Architectural Plan Set

1st submittal - July 10, 2019

Environmental Documents

Please contact Environmental Planner, Kara Hawkins ( regarding environmental review.

Technical Studies required so far:

  • Traffic Analysis in compliance with Council Policy 5-1
  • Noise study per Title 20, Section 20.40.600. The sound pressure level generated by any use or combination of uses on a property shall not exceed the 55 decibels.
  • Photometric study per Title 20, Section 20.40.540. Light fixture height should not exceed eight feet when adjacent to residential uses unless the setback of the fixture from the property line is twice the height of the fixture. No ground mounted light fixture shall exceed twenty-five feet in height in any case. Any and all lighting facilities erected shall be arranged and shielded that all light will be reflected away from any residential use so that there will be no glare which will cause unreasonable annoyance to occupants of such property, or otherwise interfere with the public health, safety, or welfare.

Public Hearing Steps

Planning Commission first to make a recommendation to the City Council
No date has been set, hearing will be noticed.

Prior Public Outreach/Meetings

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Almaden Country Day School
Topic: To present proposal to community, receive input, answer questions
See Community Meeting Notice

Planning Staff Contact

Name/Title: Maira Blanco, Planner II
Phone: 408-535-7837
***Please submit comments via email to the address listed above***

Language Translation

Alternate languages may be selected through Google Translate option located in the bottom left corner of this webpage. If you have additional questions regarding this project and need a translator, please contact the appropriate translator noted below.

  • Spanish: Para información en español acerca de esta solicitud, comuníquese con Jennifer Provedor al 408-793-4100, e índique el números de Proyecto SP19-023 y C19-026.
  • Vietnamese: To speak with a Vietnamese translator, please contact Kieulan Pham at 408-793-4174 and mention the following project numbers: SP19-023 & C19-026.