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Infrastructure Maintenance Job Duties

Infrastructure Maintenance (IM) Division – Pavement Engineering 

The Engineer I/II position for the IM Division, Pavement Engineering group is responsible for delivering City’s annual pavement capital improvement projects for the entire network of 2,434 miles of streets with an annual budget of over $90 million per year. This position reports directly to an Associate Engineer and supervises Engineering Technicians and interns. 

Key duties include but are not limited to:  

  • Manage multiple projects from planning to design, procurement, construction, and close out phase for major streets network pavement and ADA curb ramp projects
  • Provide input and assistance in implementing new and innovative pavement/ADA curb ramp maintenance strategies (i.e., new processes/asset management strategies, and etc.)
  • Develop both short-term and long-term work plans for both pavement and ADA curb ramp maintenance program.
  • Develop project plans/specifications for both pavement and ADA curb ramp projects
  • Coordinate with both internal external stakeholders to ensure effective and efficient project delivery.
  • Supervise and mentor engineering technicians and interns.

Infrastructure Maintenance (IM) Division – Sewer Engineering 

The Engineer I/II position in the Sewer Engineering team will perform and lead routines in support of the sanitary and storm sewer maintenance activities.

Key duties include but are not limited to:  

  • Support the documentation of sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) including field investigation, as-built research, and reporting to appropriate agencies.
  • Assist in preparing sanitary map for the line cleaning crews and document line cleaning progress.
  • Review construction plan to ensure suitable maintenance of the sanitary and storm drain facilities.
  • Perform hydraulic check for proposed sanitary and storm facilities.
  • Prepare correspondence from residents and inter-departments within the City.
  • Ensure regulation compliance of sanitary and storm regulation in Division’s activity
  • Lead Engineering Technician and Student intern in daily tasks of the Division
  • Provide engineering support for the field crews.
  • Assist in preparation of training materials for office and field staff