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Micro Mobility

E-scooters, bike share, and more

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"Micro mobility” refers to small transportation devices such as bikes, e-scooters, and e-bikes. Shared micro-mobility systems, such as bike share and shared e-scooters, are found in the City of San José.

Vendors: Visit the Shared Micro-Mobility Vendor page to learn more about applying for a permit to operate in the City of San José.

For comments, questions, or concerns about a company's devices, please contact the company directly.


E-scooters began appearing in San José in March of 2018, with multiple companies now operating e-scooter sharing programs on our streets. The City has developed regulations to promote the safe and responsible operation of these systems. A permit program went into effect in February 2019.

scootorial image vertRules for riding e-scooters in San José

  • Take it to the streets: Stay off the sidewalk. Ride in the street, in the same direction as traffic. If there is a bike lane, use it. Try the new separated bikeways in and around downtown!
  • Don’t park like an…inconsiderate person: Park e-scooters upright and out of the way of people walking. Don’t block sidewalks, doorways, driveways, or transit stops. 
  • Look out for others: Yield to people walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street.
  • License to Ride: You must have a driver’s license or instruction permit to operate an e-scooter
  • Go solo: Only one person at a time may ride an e-scooter.
  • Keep it clean: We know you can do super cool skids and burnouts, but your rad tricks are making a mess. Take pride in our city and keep the rubber on the tires.

The State of California Department of Motor Vehicles discusses state laws concerning motorized scooters.

Click here for frequently asked questions and answers about e-scooter sharing.

Bike Share

Bay Wheels is the Bay Area's bike share system, with thousands of public bikes for use across San Jose, the East Bay, and San Francisco. Designed with convenience in mind, it’s a fun and affordable way to get around town. In San José, the system is getting built out to eventually feature 1,000 shared bikes and e-bikes. Use the link above to learn more about membership and find bikes near you.