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Parking Regulations

Meter Violation (SJMC 11.40.090) – The majority of metered parking is 1 or 2 hours.  However, some meters are short term (12 or 30 minutes), and others offer long-term parking (4 hours and up).  Carefully read posted signs at meters.  

No Parking for Street Cleaning or Construction (SJMC 11.36.190
) – Certain streets have permanent or temporary signs posted for Street Cleaning/Sweeping, or for construction projects.  Take note of dates and times of posted parking restrictions.

Fire Hydrant (CVC 22514) – State law prohibits parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, whether the adjacent curb is marked red or not.  Park at least one car length away from fire hydrants.

Parking on or Blocking Sidewalk (CVC 22500 f) – Vehicles may not block, park on or across a sidewalk or walkway intended for pedestrian travel.

Resident Parking Permit (SJMC 11.48.300) – Some neighborhoods are restricted for resident parking only. Signs are posted indicating when and where a Residential Parking Permit is required to park.

Out of Space (SJMC 11.40.350/metered; SJMC 11.16.120/non-metered) – When parking spaces are delineated by pavement markings, vehicles must park within the designated markings.

Parking in Intersection (CVC 22500A) – State law prohibits parking within an intersection. Be careful not to park along a street corner, or block a crosswalk, whether painted or not.

No Parking Certain Times (SJMC 11.36.260) – Some streets prohibit parking at certain times, such as No Parking 10 PM – 6 AM.  Be careful to read all posted signs. 

Parking Excess of Time Limit (SJMC 11.36.250)  Many business districts and school zones have parking time limits to support turnover of the curbside parking spaces, based upon the specific needs of the area businesses or school.  Time zones may vary, so be careful to read all posted signs.

Use of Streets for Storage (SJMC 11.36.220)  Vehicles may not be parked on the street for more than 72 hours without movement.

Parked On Parkway (SJMC 11.36.060)  A vehicle may not park in an area between the curb and sidewalk, whether paved or unpaved. This area is commonly referred to as a parkstrip.