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San José Access and Mobility Plan

The San José Access & Mobility Plan (the Plan) will lay out a set of strategies to bring the bold transportation goals of Envision 2040 San José General Plan and Climate Smart San José to life. The Plan will develop projects and policies that make progress on goals like increased walking, biking, and transit use, decreased auto dependence, increased safety, and making our streets designed around people, not cars. 

The Plan will also result in a data and analytics system, which will keep the City on track and help us adjust strategies as we go.

access and mobility plan phasesThe Plan is being developed in three phases:

  • Phase 1: “Directives,” is complete. In this phase, we brought together the City’s transportation policies and goals into one document, proposed key performance indicators to measure success when the plan is implemented, and drafted the RFP for Phases 2 and 3 of the effort. 
  • Phase 2: “Strategies,” will develop the major strategies to implement the Phase 1 directives.
  • Phase 3: “Decision Support System,” will develop the data sources, analytics, and evaluative tools to help us make informed decisions. We will use these tools to constantly evaluate our success and adjust our strategies when needed.

Phase 1: Directives 

We invite you to read the latest draft of the Transportation Directives. Share your suggestions for changes or additions by emailing and using “Mobility Plan comments” in the subject line. Thank you for participating in this exciting plan!

Draft directives cover image