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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What is CEQA?

  • What are the CEQA transportation requirements for the City of San José?

  • What is Level of Service (LOS)?

  • What is Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)?

  • Why is the City changing its Transportation Impact policy?

  • Why did the State pass legislation to adopt this change?

  • What does this mean for the City of San José?

  • What is the timeline for these changes?

  • Does my ability to engage in land use and transportation decisions change?

  • How will the CEQA process in San José change?

  • How will this change impact the City’s ability to ask developers for transportation investments?

  • Will the shift to VMT make it easier or harder to develop in my neighborhood?

  • Will the shift to VMT change the CEQA process?

  • How will the shift to VMT impact new development projects?

  • How will this change impact new transportation projects?

  • When will the change to VMT happen? How will projects already in the pipeline be treated?

  • If a new development proposes to include Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures into a development, how will the City enforce these measures?

  • How will impacts in neighboring jurisdictions be handled, especially if the neighboring jurisdiction has not yet transitioned to a VMT metric for CEQA transportation analysis?

  • How will retail be analyzed?

  • How will this change impact housing?

  • How will this change impact affordable housing?

  • Will this change impact the environment?

  • What are the impacts on business?

  • How will this shift affect overall affordability?