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Storm Drain System

Transporting storm water to creeks, rivers, and the San Francisco Bay

Call (408) 794-1900 for storm-related issues. Typical calls include:

  • Localized flooding.
  • Missing, broken or displaced manhole covers or grates.
  • Downed trees or tree limbs.

Please note that this service is limited to infrastructure in the public right-of-way. Issues on private property remain the responsibility of the property owner.

Dumping and spills

It is important that the City be notified as soon as possible if you suspect any chemicals or sewage have entered the storm drain system.

If you witness dumping into a storm drain, please call 408-945-3000 so the City can send staff to respond. The storm drain system transports untreated storm water runoff into nearby creeks and other waterways and eventually to the San Francisco Bay. 

Stormwater Runoff

We are responsible for the maintenance of the storm drain system and storm water pump stations to control the quality and quantity of storm water runoff.

Storm Preparation and Response

We inspect and clean out all storm drain inlets within the public right-of-way throughout the city once per year. This aids in the safe passage of runoff to the storm sewer system and intercepts pollutants that would otherwise reach our creeks and the bay.

You can help!

Clean gutters and drain inlets and remove debris around your property to prevent blockages that could cause flooding.


  • Sandbags are supplied through Valley Water.
  • We assist Valley Water and residents by maintaining several distribution facilities at our yards.
  • These sites are stocked with either filled sandbags or loose sand and empty burlap bags for self-filling.
  • The distribution site map and more detailed information are available on Valley Water’s sandbag website.