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View Pets to Adopt

Visit the shelter to adopt a pet. You cannot adopt a pet online.


noun_Checkbox_2788738   STEP 1  Browse pets to adopt

noun_Checkbox_2788738   STEP 2  Note the pet’s ID (starts with A)

noun_Checkbox_2788738   STEP 3  Visit the shelter to adopt

* The City of San Jose has implemented safety precautions in response to COVID- 19.  For this reason the San Jose Animal Care Center will be CLOSED until further notice. However we are still adopting out pets.  In order to ADOPT A PET - follow the instructions below.

You can see all of the animals in our shelter by looking under Dogs, Cats, Special Needs and Small Animals.  You can also look under our Lost and Found Pets to see who might become available soon.

Please make sure to write down the I.D. number of pet you’re interested in helping (always starts with A#) and then send an e-mail to

Thank you for your understanding.


If you don't find the right pet at our shelter, please visit our partner shelter's website.

If you've adopted a pet from us, please send us a photo and tell us how they're doing by filling our Success Stories Form or share on our Facebook page. 



Adoption Fees

Dog and cat adoption fees include spray/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchipping, and a one-year license. Rabbit adoption fees include vaccinations and microchipping. Prices may vary for highly adoptable animals.

Fees for Adopting Dogs

Age of Dog Fee
Puppies under six months
Dogs under six years
Dogs over six years
Senior citizens (over 65 years of age) adopting dogs over 3 years old

Fees for Adopting Cats

Age of Cat Fee
Kittens under four months
Cats under six years
Cats over six years
Senior citizens (over 65 years of age) adopting cats over 3 years old

Small Animal Adoption Fees

Rabbits Guinea Pigs
Hamsters / Mice



We have many wonderful pets to adopt but know that adding a pet to your family is a big decision. All animals require training and commitment. Some pets can live well into their teens and many may have special medical needs as they get older, such as medication, frequent checkups, etc., just like people. All these things, including the joy of having a loyal friend, should be factored in before you decide to take on this responsibility.

*To adopt, you must be over 18 years old and have a government issued photo ID. 

Note: The City of San José Animal Care and Services Division reserves the right to deny adoptions in certain circumstances for cause.