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Caucus Process

Neighborhood Caucus Procedures

The 2018 Caucus will be held in the Spring to nominate commissioners from odd-numbered districts. Those commissioners terms will begin July 1, 2018. Prior to the caucus, the Neighborhoods Commission has reviewed and updated the caucus procedures, which has been approved by City Council. Please note that the Neighborhoods Commission has two commissioners from each City Council district, and there are no longer alternate members of the commission.

  • Neutral moderator/facilitator will provide a welcome, introductions, ground rules, and explanation of the caucus process to all in attendance in each of the ten (10) respective council district caucuses.
  • Candidate opening statements: two (2) minutes each (chosen in random order).
  • Question and answer period: All candidates will have the opportunity to briefly respond (one-minute answers) to questions provided by delegates. The questions shall be received, reviewed, and asked to the candidates by the neutral moderator/ facilitator to prevent repetition and inappropriate questions.
  • Each candidate shall be provided with time for a one (1) minute closing statement prior to the balloting.
  • There will be a caucus period provided (time for delegates to talk one-on-one with the candidates and members of the community in attendance). Additional caucus time may be requested and provided by the moderator/ facilitator during the process as needed to promote dialogue and resolve “ties” in the balloting process.
  • When it is time for voting, each Delegate shall choose up to two (2) candidates. The top 2 vote getters are the candidates who have been selected by the delegates and will be put forward for Council approval.

In the event that not all five Neighborhood Commissioner seats are filled during the caucus process for a given council district, the Council Appointment Advisory Commission shall make recommendations to Council for the open seat(s).

Names of those individuals chosen through the Neighborhood Caucus process will be provided to the City Council, who will formally ratify and appoint commissioners.