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Neighborhood Commission Member Qualification

Member Qualifications

All Candidates for the Neighborhoods Commission must reside within the boundaries of the City of San José, apply through the City Clerk’s Office, and meet all City requirements for appointment to a commission (availability to attend meetings).

There shall be equitable representation on the commission from throughout the City. Two commissioners are nominated from each Council district through a neighborhoods caucus process, and nominations are forwarded to the City Council for appointment. Commissioners serve four-year terms. Caucuses are held every two years, alternating between odd-numbered districts and even-numbered districts. The next caucus in 2016 will be held to nominate commissioners from even-numbered districts. If a vacancy occurs outside of the scheduled caucus process for that district, the City Council will make an appointment based on the recommendation of the Council Appointment Advisory Commission; a commissioner appointed in this manner will serve until the next scheduled caucus process for that district.


Commissioners are expected to attend all commission meetings. San José Municipal Code Section 2.08.060 specifies that a commission member who has unexcused absences from any three consecutive regular meetings, or more than 20% of the meetings in a calendar year, is deemed to have resigned.