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Arena Authority Member Qualifications

Member Qualifications

The Arena Authority has 16 members service four year terms and five ex-officio members. Experience with municipal government, facility operations, capital budget management and community relations is recommended for candidates considering applying for a position with the Arena Authority Board of Directors.

There is no monetary compensation or other benefits for Arena Authority Board members.

Political Reform Act of 1974

The Conflict of Interests Section of the Political Reform Act applies to the Arena Authority. Pursuant to the City of San José’s Conflict of Interest Code, Board members are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700, to disclose investments, business positions, income, real property interests, and gifts. Reportable interests are limited to (1) investments in, business positions in, and income from any business entity located in or doing business in the City of San José; (2) interests in real property located in the City of San José; and (3) Gifts from sources located in or doing business in the City of San José.

Appointment & Attendance

Following a candidate-screening period, selected candidates are recommended to and appointed.

Arena Authority Board members are expected to attend all Board meetings. Board members absent without good cause for any two Board meetings during the calendar year will forfeit their position on the Authority Board of Directors.

For further information about the Arena Authority, please contact Authority staff at (408) 977-4780.