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Community and Economic Development Committee

The Community and Economic Development Committee meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 1:30 p.m. in rooms W118 and W119. The purpose of their meetings is to manage the growth and change of the City of San José in order to encourage a strong economy; ensure a diverse range of arts, cultural, and entertainment offerings; and create and preserve housing and healthy neighborhoods. This committee was previously named the Driving a Strong Economy Committee.

For more information on this committee, please contact Isela Chaparro at (408) 535-8179.

January - June 2020 Community and Economic Development Workplan

Committee Members

The Community and Economic Development Committee comprises the following members:

  • Councilmember Khamis, Chair
  • Councilmember Foley, Vice Chair
  • Councilmember Diep
  • Councilmember Peralez
  • Councilmember Esparza

Committee Staff

The committee staff comprises the following individuals:

  • Kim Walesh, City Manager's Office, (408) 535-8179
  • Ed Moran, City Attorney's Office
  • Kelly Kline, Mayor's Office
  • Louis Osemwegie, Clerk's Office