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District 2 Clean Streets Initiative

Learn about a few of the projects I have initiated to beautify District 2, and join our community efforts! #D2CleanStreets

Dear neighbors,

Community members consistently approach me about the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of our City streets. Like most issues, there is no single, all-encompassing solution to our challenges with blight. The reality is that trash is a drain on City resources, and it impacts how we feel about our community. 

Making our community cleaner is a priority for my office, which is why I have secured more than $500,000 from the City’s budget throughout my years in office to kick off several programs that are part of my action plan to help #beautifySJ, starting with District 2.

My team and I have launched the #D2CleanStreets Initiative in South San José, a multi-faceted approach to combating the blight plaguing our streets. This initiative starts with these projects:


Downtown Streets Team


I know that we have notoriously blighted areas in District 2. I am changing that by partnering with the Downtown Streets Team (DST), a non-profit organization that contributes to a cleaner community while engaging homeless and at-risk individuals, through the SJ Bridge program.

Together, we have identified hot spots in District 2 that will be monitored regularly by the SJ Bridge program in 2019-2020. These hot spots are:

  • Blossom Hill Road and Cottle Road
  • Hayes Avenue from Lean Avenue to Cottle Road
  • Palisades Avenue to Hellyer Park
  • Edenvale Garden Park Area
  • Chynoweth Road from Edenvale Avenue to Rio Grande Drive

We have the opportunity to expand or change these hot spots as areas improve this year. For questions about hot spots and updates, contact

In 2018-2019, the hot spots where DST conducted clean-ups were:

  • Monterey Road from Branham Lane to Ford Road
  • The 4 corners of Blossom Hill Road and Snell Avenue

I am proud to highlight some of DST's successes and impacts in 2018-2019:
  • 200,471+ pounds of debris removed
  • 40+ hours of training provided to Team Members
  • 3 Team Members found housing
  • 2 Team Members found employment

If you would like to volunteer with Downtown Streets Team or participate in regular clean up days, please contact


Project Hope


My office also kicked off efforts to build community resilience and activation along the historically under-served area of Roeder Avenue and Roundtable Drive through Project Hope.

Project Hope is a community-driven initiative led by the City's Anti-Graffiti & Anti-Litter Program. It is a unique and innovative neighborhood engagement and improvement program that aims to improve the quality of life in the Roundtable Drive area by addressing challenges comprehensively and collaboratively. Project Hope's objective is to develop strong new community leaders and action-oriented neighborhood organizations.

I am proud that my office and Project Hope helped guide and form the Roundtable Neighborhood Association, which empowers residents in the area. Although this is a huge win for the neighborhood, there is much work to be done, and we look forward to further collaboration.

If you live in the area of Roundtable Drive along Monterey Road -- and share my vision of making our neighborhoods safer, cleaner, and more engaged -- please contact and


Monterey Road Sound Wall and UP railroad tracks


San Jose residents -- like myself -- who drive along the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) train tracks every day on Monterey Road see graffiti, trash, trespass, and much more.

To address these concerns, the City and UPRR are currently developing a Memorandum of Understanding. The MOU will include the stretch of Monterey Road from Alma Avenue south to the City limit:
  • Regular coordinated clean ups and abatements
  • Increased trespassing enforcement
  • Regular graffiti abatement 
The City of San Jose will also be conducting quarterly track-side maintenance. Because of my office's persistence over the years and our collaboration with UPRR, the Monterey Road sound wall in District 2 has been cleaned.

To read more about my proposals and efforts to clean Monterey Road, visit the Union Pacific Railroad section on my D2 in the News webpage.


Join a Neighborhood Clean Up or organize your own!


Neighborhood Litter Cleanup 
Get connected to your District 2 Neighborhood Association (N.A.) to find out when the next clean up in your area is! N.A.'s are groups of community members who meet and collaborate to work towards common goals such as: beautification/clean-up efforts, safety enhancements, and social events. If you would like to organize your own Neighborhood Clean Up in District 2, sign up here to join the thousands of volunteers who have already removed tons of trash from the City's public space. We provide each volunteer an Anti-Litter Kit that contains: one litter stick, one pair of gloves, one volunteer vest, two garbage bags, and two litter stickers for free garbage bag pick up. For more information, call (408) 975-7233. 
Anti-Graffiti Volunteer Opportunities
The Anti-Graffiti Program recruits volunteers ages 18+ to assist with graffiti removal, beautifying San José for all residents and visitors. We provide possible cleanup locations, or you can become a long-term volunteer, by adopting your own neighborhood. Sign up here to volunteer and receive an Anti-Graffiti Kit containing safety gear, chemical gloves, safety glasses, an 8 oz bottle of solvent, a sponge, and rags. Volunteers must call for an appointment to pick up supplies. Supplies can be picked up Monday-Thursday, 8am-3pm and Friday, 8am- noon. For more information regarding the program, please call (408) 975-7233.  

You and community members of all ages can help keep San José safe and clean!