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June 2020 Newsletter: How I'm fighting for justice & equity in our City budget & more
May 2020 Newsletter: Emergency housing, San Jose's budget &where to get or give help as our community navigates COVID-19
April 2020 Newsletter: Need help? Want to help others? Here are community resources to stay safe & informed as we navigate COVID-19 together.
March 2020 Newsletter: Marching on with new: clean up efforts, SJPD officers, tiny homes &more!
February 2020 Newsletter: Safety first! Dispatching you news from the Southern Police Substation
January 2020 Newsletter: How we're renewing commitments to safety, housing & more in San José


December 2019 Newsletter: 300+ ways we've improved our neighborhoods together over the past 3 years
November 2019 Newsletter: Victory for Coyote Valley, our natural resources, and our community
October 2019 Newsletter: 9 fresh murals bring art to life in South San José
September 2019 Newsletter: Full speed ahead: What's next for transit, the climate, equity & Coyote Valley in San Jose
August 2019 Newsletter: Making public safety #1: Police officers, firefighters, the community & I fight against crime
July 2019 Newsletter: Here's more than $1 million coming to your neighborhoods
June 2019 Newsletter: It’s HOT. So are these new community updates, events, programs &businesses near you!
May 2019 Newsletter: Paving the way to better neighborhoods: 169 mi. of street improvements, 65,370 gal. of trash removed & more!
April 2019 Newsletter: Sun's out, fun's out: We cleaned 240+ bags of trash off our streets, hiked among wildflowers, stood up for Coyote Valley & more!
March 2019 Newsletter: Springing into budget season, new policy priorities, #D2CleanStreets initiatives &more
February 2019 Newsletter: Progress on my active efforts to clean Monterey Rd., protect open space in Coyote Valley & more
January 2019 Newsletter: Reflecting on our 2018 victories & introducing our 2019 priorities

2018 Newsletters

December 2018 Newsletter: Wrapping up gifts & an eventful 2018
November 2018 Newsletter: Thankful for what we have & working towards what we need
October 2018 Newsletter: #D2CleanStreets Initiative: My 3-step action plan towards cleaner neighborhoods
July 2018 Newsletter: Things are heating up! Festivals, open streets, addressing litter & homelessness, and more
June 2018 Newsletter: $1.5 million for the SJPD South Substation & our other budget victories
May 2018 Newsletter: Planes, trains & automobiles (& bikes & buses & carpools)
April 2018 Newsletter: Attacking Trash: Successful efforts in our neighborhoods & how you can join the fight!
March 2018 Newsletter: It's raining events & activities in D2!
February 2018 Newsletter: SJPD Updates, BHC Information, Community Beautification Events & more!
January 2018 Newsletter: New 2018 laws that affect you + my New Year's Resolutions

2017 Newsletters

December 2017 Newsletter: Merry Everything! D2's one-year wrap up: Some of our most monumental victories
November 2017 Newsletter: Housing, traffic & graffiti: How we're working together to address these priorities
October 2017 Newsletter: It takes a village...
September 2017 Newsletter: Uniting our District through community engagement
August 2017 Newsletter: Back in session & hitting the ground running
July 2017 Newsletter: Celebrating successful events & policies
June 2017 Newsletter: Budget priorities & housing victories
May 2017 Newsletter: Enjoying, preserving and cleaning up D2!
April 2017 Newsletter: D2 events give new meaning to spring cleaning
March 2017 Newsletter: Sergio springs into action with D2 community