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In the District

  • City Services
    Need a park permit? See an illegally dumped sofa on your street? Click on this link for a list for City services to address your needs as a District 8 resident or business.
  • Neighborhood Associations in East San Jose & Evergreen
    Neighborhood Associations are the bedrock of any thriving community. Join or start one today in your neighborhood to work with your neighbors, local police, city staff, and Councilwoman Arenas to address issues that impact your community! Neighborhood associations are an important way to have your voice heard.
  • District 8 Map
    Are you in District 8? Find out by clicking on the map.
  • District 8 Trails
    Evergreen is known for its beautiful open space filled with many great nature trails.
  • District 8 Schools
    Click above for a list of the wonderful schools in District 8.
  • District 8 Parks
    Parks are a great way to spend time with family and incorporate physical activity into your life. Find a park near you and subscribe to our newsletter for our updates on the yearly Day in the Park event.
  • Intern for District 8
    Join our team! Learn about how local government works and give back to your community through public service.