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Branham Park
Branham and Tupolo

Camden Park
Camden and Union

Carolyn Norris Park
Samaritan Dr & Portola Redwood Ln.

DeAnza Park
Meridian and Helmond

Doerr Park
Potrero and Park Wilshire

Houge Park
Twilight and White Oaks

Kirk Park
Briarwood and Foxworthy

Leif Erikson Park
Pearl and Oyster Bay

Lone Hill Park
Michon and Vintner

Paul Moore Park
Hillsdale and Cherry

Richard E. Huerta Park
Hillsdale and Ross

Roy M. Butcher Park
Camden and Lancaster

Russo Park
Russo Dr.

Scottsdale Park
Branham and Calle de Ponselle

Thousand Oaks Park
Thousand Oaks Dr. and Brockhampton Ct.

William H. Cilker Park
Winfield and Chynoweth

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