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Mayor Liccardo's Travel

In the interest of transparency, Mayor Liccardo will routinely disclose his non-personal travel on this website, to inform the public of the purposes of each trip, and of the source of funding for travel expenses.

Date of Travel Sponsoring Group
Net Costs to City



Israel: Mayor Liccardo traveled to Israel with other leaders to learn more about critical policy issues affecting both Israel and the United States through discussion, on-site visits, and seminars. Together, participants explored innovative approaches to international and domestic issues for a deeper understanding of Israeli policies, society, and culture. 12/14/19-12/22/19 American Israel Education Foundation   $0.00
Washington D.C.: Mayor Liccardo traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the Aspen Institute-Rodel: All Class Reunion and Local Officials to explore the underlying values and principles of western democracy, the relationship between individuals and their community, and the responsibilities of public leadership through study and conversation. 11/15/19-11/18/19  Aspen Institute   $0.00
Washington D.C.: Mayor Liccardo traveled to Washington D.C. to attend CityLab: Urban Solutions to Global Challenges and the Mayor's Innovation Studio to connect with other city leaders and discuss the most important urban issues of our time. This session focused on the pressing topic of economic mobility, including strategies to build a culture of innovation in cities throughout the world. 10/26/19-10/29/19 CityLab  $294.26


Copenhagen: Mayor Liccardo traveled to Copenhagen for the C40 World Mayor Summit, a forum for participating cities to present innovative ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve climate resilience. Due to a PG&E blackout in San José, however, Mayor Liccardo returned to San José before the planned conclusion of the trip.


10/7/19-10/9/19  C40 Cities  $1,769.30


Seattle: Mayor Liccardo attended a Community Development Roundtable and met with officials from the City of Seattle -- including Mayor Jenny Durkan -- to discuss key issues impacting both regions, including: managing growth, exercising regional leadership, looking for sustainable economic diversity, planning for affordable housing, and transportation.

 9/30/19  N/A $109.60


Nashville: Mayor Liccardo attended the Silicon Valley Organization's Study Mission with elected officials, city staff, and key business and community partners to explore and study how municipalities improve neighborhood beautification and enhance a community's social and cultural vibrancy.


9/4/19-9/5/19 Silicon Valley Organization $133.44


Los Angeles: To raise money for the San José College Promise, Mayor Liccardo filmed a cameo on HBO's Silicon Valley. In exchange for his appearance, HBO donated what would have been the Mayor's pay for his appearance to fund tuition and supplies for low-income college students. 


7/15/19  HBO Studios $53.52


Honolulu: Mayor Liccardo attended the annual United States Conference of Mayors, where he met with Mayors and leaders from across the country to share best practices and innovative solutions on issues critical to San José. He also spoke on several panels to discuss these issues, such as housing and homelessness, digital inclusion, the 2020 Census, immigration reform, and combatting climate change. 


6/28/19- 7/1/19  N/A $2,529.42


Aspen: Mayor Liccardo attended the Aspen Ideas Festival to speak alongside other Mayors and leaders to encourage action and leadership on combatting climate change. 


6/26/19- 6/28/19  Aspen Ideas Festival  $146.35 


Washington D.C.: Mayor Liccardo traveled to Washington alongside other regional leaders and lawmakers to lobby federal legislators on implementing immigration reform, acting on combating climate change, expanding accessible and affordable health care, and increasing federal focus on cybersecurity--among other key priorities that would improve lives for San José residents.


4/1/19-4/2/19   N/A $2,515.36


Austin: Mayor Liccardo attended SXSW Conference's Cities, Politics, and Government track, which focuses on innovative city development, privacy issues, and how politics plays a role in shaping policy on all levels of government. He also spoke on a joint Comcast/Cities of Service panel called "Transforming Cities Through Citizens."


3/8/19-3/11/19   Cities of Service $235.06 




Los Angeles: Attended Upswell -- a national gathering of 1500 changemakers to forge strategic partnerships and address big challenges -- and spoke on a panel at Upswell called "How Changemaking Mayors are Building Trust and Community." He also attended the LA CoMotion Leadership Summit, which brought together transportation and urban leaders from around the world. 



Independent Sector



Detroit: Attended City Lab: Urban Solutions to Global Challenges, which was hosted and sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Spoke on a panel regarding how cities can innovate, the City of San José's work around its "smart city" infrastructure and the imminent launch of autonomous vehicle pilots in San José. 


10/28/18-10/30/18  Bloomberg Philanthropies $90.48


Seattle: Attended the Silicon Valley Organization's annual study trip to learn best practices and bring back ideas to make their communities a better place to live and work. This trip focused on developing business investment, transportation, and attracting major sports teams. 


10/3/18-10/5/18 Silicon Valley Organization   $59.73 

New York City: The Mayor joined 40 of his Mayoral colleagues from U.S. and international cities at the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. They learned from leading academics and city experts on a host of topics, including management citizen engagement, the use of data and metrics to inform decision making, and cross-sector collaboration. This begins a year-long learning cohort in which the mayors exchange best practices and learn from leading thinkers internationally.

7/22/18-7/25/18 Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative $60.88

Boston: The Mayor attended the U.S. Conference of Mayors, where he co-chairs two committees: Energy Independence and Climate Protection Taskforce. The Mayor also spoke on several panels: Preparing for the 2020 Census, Autonomous Vehicles and the American City, Climate Taskforce, and Technology and Innovation Forum. He also presented a resolution on 5G to the Transportation and Communications Standing Committee.

6/8/18-6/11/18 N/A $2641.48

Washington D.C.: Advocated in Congress for BART and transportation infrastructure funding, DACA relief, immigration reform, and against telecommunications industry efforts to obtain taxpayer-subsidized rates for use of city infrastructure.

2/27/18 - 3/1/18 N/A $2,147.97

Washington D.C.: Advocated for cities throughout the U.S. as a member of the FCC's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee to push for more equitable deployment of broadband technology, during two days of committee meetings. Spoke and presented at the U.S. Conference of Mayors on industry efforts to seek taxpayer-subsidized use of city infrastructure and its implications for efforts by San Jose and others cities to seek more equitable deploymentof broadband, and participated in press conference after my resignation from FCC advisory board. Also spoke on a panel with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs regarding San Jose’s role as the leading U.S. metro on sustainability measures, and how cities can better combat climate change.

1/22/18 - 1/26/18 N/A $2,940.70



New York City: Presented to the Cities of Service Board of Directors about San Jose’s efforts to leverage civic engagement for positive change, engaged on Mayor's Council, as part of organization funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, a key financial sponsor and thought partner in several of San Jose’s “City of Service” and “Smart City” initiatives.

12/12/17 - 12/14/17 Cities of Service $0.00

Washington D.C.: Served on the FCC Broadband Advisory Committee; advocate for inclusive and equitable deployment of broadband technology, and against telecommunications industry efforts to mandate taxpayer subsidies for industry infrastructure.

11/8/17-11/10/17 N/A $1790.77

Paris: Attended the global CityLab Conference, hosted (and sponsored) by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Atlantic magazine, Met with global policy experts and technologists regarding potential city initiatives on environment, gun control, and affordable housing. Spoke at the “Mayors Innovation Studio” panel regarding “Smart City” initiatives on technology, data, and autonomous vehicles.

10/20/17- 10/24/17 Bloomberg $125.42

New York City: Met with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Cities of Service to discuss strategic partnerships on innovation, education, investment in youth and digital inclusion.

Washington D.C.: Attended a Silicon Valley Leadership Group advocacy trip to meet with federal policymakers in Congress and the Department of Transportation to discuss BART phase II funding, DACA, transportation infrastructure.

9/26/17-9/28/17 Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Bloomberg $1,596.18

Barcelona: Attended transportation conference with BART and VTA officials at the Center of Control, Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona, to study the world’s only deployment of single-bore tunnel technology for transit, relevant to our debated alignment of BART in Downtown San Jose. Spent many hours in meetings with local, BART, and VTA officials to learn best practices in developing an effective transit system.

Amsterdam, Lille, Rotterdam, Utrecht: Attended a SPUR study tour focusing on high-speed rail, large multi-modal station design, and public-private financing of stations and surrounding development. Discussions included VTA, BART, City, and other officials focused future Diridon Transit Station development.

7/4/17-7/14/17 SPUR $0.00

Seattle: Spoke on a panel about equity and resiliency in Americancities with fellow mayors from around the country. participated in “Rose Fellowship,” a year-long effort that lends urban planning expertise nationally to our efforts to re-think North San Jose urban design and planning.

5/2/17-5/3/17 Rose Center $70.82

Los Angeles: Participated as a Rodel Fellow in Public Leadership in two days of meetings with mayors and former mayors from around the countryto share best practices, innovative approaches to problem-solving.

4/21/17-4/23/17 Aspen Institute $0.00

Austin: Spoke on two panels at convening of technologists, private sector leaders,and government officials regarding civic innovationand city best practices as part of a U.S. Mayor’s Conference event. Met with potential funders in several foundations to discuss San Jose “Smart City” and “Cities of Service” initiatives, and with private companies interested in demonstrating environmentally beneficial technologies in U.S. cities.

Washington D.C: Scheduled and prepaid flights to a second half of this trip,
to Washington D.C., were cancelled due to snow closing Washington's airports.

3/9/17-3/13/17 N/A $4,035.48

Washington, D.C.: Attended and spoke on two panels at the the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Lobbied federal officials for Americorps funding needed for youth “Service Year” positions essential to San Jose’s "City of Service"initiatives. Met with fellow U.S. mayors to discuss best practices and innovative approaches to problem-solving.

1/17/17-1/19/17 N/A $2,417.56



Washington, D.C.: Joined County and non-profit partners in our “All the Way Home” initiative to end veterans’ homelessness, receiving recognition from First Lady Michelle Obama as part of the White House's capstone event, engaged in meetings with local and national leaders, including key White House staff.

11/13/16-11/14/16 N/A $2,343.85

Baltimore: Delivered speech at the Fifth National Summit on Preventing YouthViolence regarding San Jose’s Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force. Meta variety of regional and federal policymakers and White House officials to learn about and discuss best practices in gang prevention.

6/26/16-6/27/16 Parks,

Washington, D.C.: Met with members of Congress and federalofficialsre:BART funding, funding for CalTrain electrification, and immigration reform as part of SVLG and MTC delegation.

3/21/16-3/23/16 N/A $2,899.86

Austin: Spoke at U.S. Mayors Conference convening of technologists, private sector leaders,and U.S. mayors regarding civic innovation. Met with affordable housing innovators and learned about micro-housing and modular construction mentions. Met with autonomous vehicle experts and discussed emerging policies to regulate the field with fellow U.S. mayors.

3/10/16-3/13/16 Results
for America

Washington, D.C.: Chaired committee meeting of fellow US mayors,
met with White House officials regarding workforce training and
transportation funding.

1/20/16-1/22/16 N/A $2,710.29



London: Learned of "smart city" initiatives globally, using data andtechnology to improve cities' safety, sustainability, and services as part of Bloomberg’s convening of leading mayors globally. Discussed Bloomberg’s sponsorship and engagement of expertise of these initiatives in cities globally.

10/16/15-10/21/15 Bloomberg

New York City: Spoke at Clinton Global Initiatives conference on
smart cities initiatives using data and technology.

Washington, D.C.: Advocated with federal officials and Congress for
BART funding, and comprehensive immigration reform.

9/28/15-10/1/15 MTC $1,265.99

Denver: Joined the San Jose-Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce to learn best practices from Denver officials of its successful Downtownrevival, focusing on transit station redevelopment,creationof artsfunding district, & rehabilitation of historic buildings.

9/16/15-9/17/15 N/A $1,988.00

Vatican City: Spoke at global summit of mayors leading sustainability initiatives in convening by Pope Francis; joined audience of the Pope, and met with leading policy experts and technologists regarding climate change.

7/21/15-7/22/15 Vatican $202.00

San Francisco: Met with fellow US mayors to exchange ideas about
tackling common urban challenges, including crime, transportation,
and affordable housing.

6/19/15-6/22/15 N/A $1,082.67

Washington, D.C.: Advocated for BART funding and workforce training
funding with federal officials and Congress.

3/17/15-3/19/15 N/A $2,130.36

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