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In an effort to enhance transparency in financial reporting, the City is offering an interactive reporting tool that allows the public to explore the City of San Jose financial data online.

Here are some sample screen shots to provide an idea of the types of data you can analyze with this tool.

Financial Transparency Portal Graph

Financial Transparency Portal Pie Graph

Financial Transparency Portal Graph

Understanding the City’s Budget Data

The City of San José has an annual budget of approximately $3 billion and delivers a wide range of services.

  • The General Fund, which accounts for approximately one-third of the budget, is used to provide many of the basic services provided by the City, including police, fire, libraries, parks, recreation and neighborhood services, planning, building and code enforcement, and economic development.
  • Other major services funded primarily by other City funds include the operation of the Water Pollution Control Plant and the sanitary and storm sewer systems, the San José Norman Y. Mineta International Airport, the municipal water system, recycling and garbage services, housing programs, parking services, and the maintenance of the City’s roadway infrastructure. These services are generally supported by restricted funding sources.
  • Over 100 City funds are used to manage the budget. The San José Budgeted Funds Guide provides description of the use and restrictions associated with each fund.
    • Governmental Funds are those through which most governmental functions of the City are supported. These include the General Fund, Special Revenue funds, Capital Projects funds, and Debt Service funds.
    • Proprietary Funds, which include Enterprise and Internal Service funds, are used to account for the City’s business-type activities.
    • Fiduciary Funds are used to account for assets held by the City in a trustee capacity or as an agent for individuals, private organizations, or other governmental units.
  • An explanation of the City’s budget policies, accounting practices, and budget development can be found in the annual budget, which contains a “Budget Guide (diagram depicting the annual budget process, a guide to the budget document, fund descriptions, and a glossary of terms), and “Budget Policies and Practices” (Council-approved budget policies and a description of significant accounting practices).
  • Operating Budget
  • Capital Budget and Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  • Some revenues and/or expenditures do not track year-to-year. For instance, the City often receives one-time grants and completes one-time projects that can impact revenue and expenditure patterns.

Financial Transparency Portal

The financial transparency portal provides two reports for the City of San Jose:

  • Monthly Budget Report: This report allows users to compare actual revenues and expenditures to the budget at the budgeted appropriation level. This report does not break down the data below the appropriation level to allow the comparison to the budget.
  • Monthly Detail: This report allows users to drill down actual revenue and expenditure data at a more detailed level than the budgeted appropriations. Given this lower level breakdown, the budget data is not provided.

The data in the financial transparency portal is unaudited.