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Discipline Process

Informal Disciplinary Actions

Informal discipline includes the following levels of disciplinary action:

  • Oral Counseling/Coaching is an informal one-on-one communication with an employee to address specific conduct or performance issues.
  • Documented Oral Counseling (DOC) is a written confirmation of verbal communication that specific conduct or performance needs improvement.
  • Letter of Reprimand (LOR), also know as a Written Reprimand, is a written warning that certain conduct or performance is unacceptable, and formal disciplinary action will occur unless performance or conduct improves.

Formal Disciplinary Actions

Formal discipline includes the following levels of disciplinary action:

  • Salary Step Reduction is a reduction in an employee’s rate of pay for a specified period of time or until a certain event occurs (e.g., reinstatement of driver’s license).
  • Suspension is unpaid time off from work for a specified number of work hours or workdays. Time spent on suspension is excluded from service time for layoff seniority purposes.
  • Demotion is a change in classification to a position below the currently held position with a lower salary range.
  • Dismissal is the separation of the employee from City service.

Due Process for Classified Employees

Classified employees have various legal protections regarding their employment. Permanent classified employees who have passed probation have a "property interest" in their position, which means that it cannot be taken away from them. Due process for classified employees includes the right to:

  • Be notified of the charges
  • Have an opportunity to respond to the charges before any formal disciplinary action is taken
  • Appeal the decision, which includes having a full evidentiary hearing, after the formal discipline as been implemented