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Hazardous Materials Inspections

The Bureau of Fire Prevention code enforcement division is responsible for conducting inspections of all facilities that use, store, or handle hazardous materials. These facilities are required to operate in accordance with the California Fire Code, the City of San José Hazardous Materials Storage ordinance, and all applicable Federal and State regulations based upon the specific occupancy classification and products on site.

The San José Fire Department is a unidocs member agency and most required forms for submittal can be accessed via the unidocs website. The hazardous materials staff consists of highly trained inspectors who are responsible for the regulation of these complex chemical facilities. The primary responsibilities of the hazardous materials program are:

  • Provide consultation to businesses regarding the safe use, storage, and handling of hazardous materials
  • Review construction documents related to hazardous materials facilities (new construction & tenant improvements)
  • Conduct inspections of facilities that use, store, or handle hazardous materials
  • Investigate complaints pertaining to hazardous materials spills and releases
  • Respond to emergencies when requested to provide additional technical assistance

Any questions related to the Hazardous Materials Program can be directed to the Bureau of Fire Prevention during normal business hours @ 408-535-7750.