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Fire Department

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  • Where do I request a San Jose Fire Department Incident or Fire Report?

  • Where can I dispose of prescription medications, paint, solvents, batteries, propane, fertilizers, pesticides, and other types of hazardous household waste?

  • Whom do I contact if a fire hydrant is leaking or damaged?

  • Whom should I contact to test the fire alarm or conduct a fire drill at my business?

  • Whom do I contact for an inspection or to determine the occupancy of my residence or business?

  • Why do fire trucks use lights and sirens, even in the middle of the night when there is no traffic?

  • I saw a San Jose fire truck at a local grocery store or restaurant. Why do firefighters use fire trucks for non-emergency purposes while they are on duty?

  • Why does a fire truck come when I only requested an ambulance?

  • Why do you send so many fire vehicles to a fire, especially a small fire?

  • Can I burn leaves or brush in my yard?

  • Where can I purchase a Smoke Detector or Carbon Monoxide detector?

  • Where should I place my smoke detectors?

  • What is carbon monoxide and how does it harm you?

  • Where can I purchase a fire extinguisher?

  • How do I select a fire extinguisher?

  • Does the San Jose Fire Department service fire extinguishers?

  • Whom should I contact to schedule a tour of a fire station or visit from a local fire station?

  • Does the San Jose Fire Department offer child car safety seat checks and adjustments?

  • Does SJFD offer CPR, AED, or First Aid training?

  • Does the San Jose Fire department offer Bicycle Licensing?