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Recruitment FAQs

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How much of your “score” is based on qualifications, written scores and oral scores?

  • Is there a guide or preparation sheet for the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ)?

  • When will SJFD begin accepting firefighter recruit applications?

  • If I am in the recruitment process, how will I be notified of my status or progress?

  • Will SJFD be accepting laterals?

  • What information will be asked during the online application?

  • Should I apply for another currently open position to understand what to expect?

  • Does SJFD award extra hire points for persons who live in Santa Clara County?

  • Does military experience play into the hiring process?

  • I cannot afford the testing fees. Is there any way I can get my test paid for?

  • What are the main qualities that SJFD looks for in a candidate? Personality, skills, or both?

  • What type of experience will you be looking for in your candidates in order to be highly qualified candidates?

  • Will letters of recommendation be considered during the hiring process? If so, when should we submit these?

  • What questions (PHQ) need to be date/time specific? (i.e. Employment)

  • On the background investigation, what kind of crime would disqualify me?

  • What is the process for EMTs who are certified in another county or out of state in order to work for SJFD?

  • Do we get paid during the academy?

  • Do we have to relocate?

  • How much time in advance do we need to schedule a ride-along?

  • How many ride-alongs can I go on?