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Council Reports – 2016 Archive

Date Source Subject
12/13/16 CC Declaration of a Continued Shelter Crisis and Overnight Warming Center Activation
12/13/16 CC Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) - Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) Project Demonstration Grant
12/8/16 NSE City Auditor's Office -The Apartment Rent Ordinance: Additional Investment, Improved Processes, and Strategic Resource Deployment Needed to Better Serve Tenants and Landlords
12/8/16 NSE Federal Funding Priorities Under the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Annual Action Plan-Presentation
12/6/16 CC Follow-Up to City Council Questions from the November 10, 2015, consideration of the Affordable Housing Impact Fee Program-Letters from the Public
Deferred from 11/15 & 11/29
CC Approval of the Issuance of a Tax Exempt Multifamily Housing Revenue Note and Loan of NoteProceeds and Related Documents for the Don De Dios Apartments, and Approval of Amended City Loan Terms for the Don De Dios Apartments
11/28/16 CED Pilot Project to Provide Affordable Workforce Housingfor Public School Teachers and Staff
11/15/16 CC
10/18/16 CC Contract Amendment with PATH to Provide Additional Homeless Outreach Services and Staff Training at Martin Luther King Public Library
10/18/16 CC 2nd Reading - Final Adoption of the Interim Apartment Rent Ordinance and Amendments to the Regulations Implementing the Interim Apartment Rent Ordinance(Item 2.2)
9/27/16 CC Measure A: Parcel Tax for Affordable Housing
9/27/16 CC Amendment to Extend the Interim ApartmentRentOrdinance and Amendments to the Regulations Implementing the Interim Apartment Rent Ordinance
9/20/16 CC Grant Agreements with the County of Santa Clara to Support Case Management, Transportation, and Information Services for the Chronically Homeless Individuals in San José
9/13/16 CC Public Hearing on the FY 2015-2016 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) and Approval of the Document--Presentation
Deferred from 8/2316
CC Approval of the Regulations Implementing the Interim Amendment to the Apartment Rent Ordinance--Supplemental Memorandum
8/16/16 CC Actions Related to Leasing Property to Abode Services and Predevelopment Funding for the Evans Lane Interim Community Housing Project--Supplemental Memorandum
8/9/16 CC Boards and Commissions Appointments--Supplemental Memorandum
8/2/16 CC
6/28/16 CC Actions Related to the Supplemental Education Revenue Augmentation Fund Loan Between the Successor Agency and the City
6/28/16 CC Amendment to the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan Land Use/Transportation Diagram Designation from Neighborhood/Community Commercial Mixed Use Neighborhood Located on Evans Lane- Memo from Councilmember Oliverio
6/28/16 CC Pilot Housing Rehabilitation Program Incentivizing Owners of Market Rate Apartments to Provide Housing for Homeless Veterans
6/28/16 CC
6/28/16 CC Update on Pilot Sanctioned Encampment Program
6/28/16 CC Substitutionin HOMEFunds in Existing Loan Commitment for Second Street Studio Apartments
6/27/16 CED Update on Homeless Housing Initiatives-Presentation
6/14/16 CC Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Grant for the Renascent Place Project
6/14/16 CC Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Grant for the St. James Station Project
6/14/16 CC Approve Refinancing Conditions for Rincon de los Esteros Apartments
6/9/16 NSE Homeless Housing Status Report
5/24/16 CC SB 879 (Beall) - Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2016
5/18/16 Rules SB 879 (Beall) - Affordable HousingBond Act of 2016
5/10/16 CC Interim Apartment Rent Ordinance Related to Temporary Allowable Rent Increases and Cost Pass-Through Provisions
5/10/16 CC Grant Agreement with the Health Trust as Fiscal Agent for Destination: Home for Services to End Veterans Homelessness
5/3/16 CC Final Public Hearing and Approval of the FY 2016-2017 Annual Action Plan and Award of the Federal Services Proposal-Annual Action Plan
5/3/16 CC Ordinance Extending a Temporary Moratorium on Mobilehome Park Closures and Conversions to Other Uses Pending the Review and Possible Amendment or Addition of Land Use Regulations Applicable to Such Establishments
Deferred from 2/2/16
4/26/16 CC Potential Acquisition of 5647 Gallup and 1171 Mesa for a Future Affordable Housing Development
4/19/16 CC
Deferred from 3/1/16
CC Actions Related to the Liquidated Damages for Late Payroll Records Policy
Report out from 4/6 Rules
CC AB 2176 (Campos): Shelter Crisis: Declaration: Facilities
4/6/16 Rules AB 2176 (Campos): Shelter Crisis: Declaration: Facilities
4/5/16 CC Availability of the 2016-2017 Annual Action Plan and 30-Day Public Comment Period
4/5/16 CC Acceptance of the Assignment of Loans from Neighborhood Housing Services Silicon Valley to the City
4/5/16 CC Potential Acquisition of 5647 Gallup and 1171 Mesa for a Future Affordable Housing Development
3/29/16 CC Grant Agreement with Project WeHopeto Operate the Essential Services Mobile Hygiene Program
3/29/16 CC Implementation of the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance
3/29/16 CC Release of the Settlement Reserve and Other Actions for Fairways at San Antonio Court Apartments
3/15/16 CC
3/15/16 CC Acceptance of the Annual Progress Report on the Implementation of the San José General Plan Housing Element Update-Annual Housing Element Progress Report
3/8/16 CC Support for the 2017 Moving to Work Annual Plan
3/1/16 CC Actions Related to a New Loan Commitment and Forgiveness of Accrued Interest on an Existing Loan for the Metropolitan South Apartments
2/23/16 CC Response to County Housing Task Force Resolution--Supplemental Memorandum
2/23/16 CC Partial Reconveyance of a City Deed of Trustby the Center for Employment Training
2/23/16 CC Approval of an Amended and Restated Disposition and Development Agreement and a Funding Commitment for 868 Delmas Avenue Development to Habitat for Humanity
Deferred from 2/9/16
Deferred from 2/9/16
2/9/16 CC TEFRA Hearing for California Statewide Communities Development Authority's Issuance of Tax-Exempt Multifamily Revenue Bonds to Acquire and Rehabilitate the Courtyard Plaza Apartments
2/2/16 CC Housing and Community Development Commission Ordinance Amendments
1/26/16 CC 2015 Application to the State of California for Grant Funding from the Housing Related Parks Program
1/25/16 CED
1/12/16 CC