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Housing Trust Fund

The City of San José Housing Department administers the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) program. The program is available to nonprofit agencies that provide services to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The funding priorities for the HTF program include:

  • Destination: Home sponsored projects
  • One-time only office equipment purchase, facility emergency repair, or gap funding for shelters or other homeless service providers
  • Emergency fund for persons displaced due to fires or other such disasters
  • Programs geared toward preventing or ending homelessness including those that provide financial assistance, employment services, and case management
  • Programs that will permanently house chronic homeless households with case management and other supportive services

For more information please call us at (408) 793-5520 or send an email to

Funded Projects for FY 2018-19

Service Provider Project Name Funding Amount Description
County of Santa Clara UPLIFT $51,000 The UPLIFT Transit Pass Program provides free transportation to case managed homeless adults, on any standard Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) bus and light rail lines. A small fee is charged to clients who chose to take an Express Line.Homeless individuals must be working with a case manager at one of the participating agencies to qualify for the program. The client must meet with their case manager at least once per month and be working towards attaining their specified goals.
Project WeHOPE Dignity on Wheels $350,000 The Mobile Hygiene Program, as operated and maintained by Project WeHOPE (PWH) provides showers and laundry services at their mobile hygiene trailer, called Dignity On Wheels (DoW). This project allows individuals and families to overcome the stigma and barriers of being unclean, which may prevent them from seeking and attending employment, housing or medical appointments.
County of Santa Clara Care Coordination Project $925,000 This project provides funding for related activities of the Care Coordination Project (CCP).The CCP is a joint CITY-County Project established in 2011 for the purpose of coordinating the care of the County’s most vulnerable and long-term homeless residents by bringing together all of the services and benefits that clients need to obtain and maintain housing, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, mental health services, government benefits and housing resources.