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Other Benefits

Health Savings Account (HSA)
Enhance your High Deductible Health Plan with tax-savings by utilizing an HSA.

Employee Assistance Program
Learn about the cost and eligibility for the City of San José Employee Assistance Program.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Find out how to save year round and apply pretax money toward eligible medical, dental, vision, or other eligible expenses.

Commuter Benefit
Learn about the City's pre-tax commuter benefit.

Life Insurance
Explore the different life insurance policies available the employees of the City of San José.

Long-Term Care Insurance
This is a "grandfathered" plan and not eligible for new enrollments.  If you are a currently enrolled, gain information about what this insurance plan can cover related to nursing home, residential facility, community, and home-based care.

Long-Term Disability Insurance
Read about the City's long-term disability insurance benefits, cost, and eligibility requirements.

Personal Accident Insurance(AD&D)
Obtain information about the City's accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Find out about the retirement benefits available to qualifying City employees.