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IT CIO Welcome, Mission & Vision Statements

Welcome to the City of San José!

At its simplest, the role of civic technology and innovation is to provide solutions that allow a community’s families and businesses to thrive. It is tremendously exciting and complex work. Indeed, the City’s technology staffs partner across departments and organizations, solve real problems of every nature, and sustain municipal services that provide San José’s residents with a positive civic experience every day. From our airport to our zoo, technology is a catalyst in every part of this city.

The purpose of online resources is to share our technology initiatives with our public. This includes our open data portal, innovation partnerships, policies, strategic plans, portfolio priorities, metrics, and more. If you have any questions, please let us know.

It is important to recognize the roughly 170 technology professionals across all City functions who do the important work. Some are at the top of their fields. All are committed to the public mission for very personal reasons. On behalf of our IT “tribe,” we are proud to serve the San José community and invite you to be a part of the City’s journey.

San José aims to the most innovative city in the World by 2020. Or, put another way: We aspire to be as amazing as the community we serve.


Rob Lloyd
Chief Information Officer
City of San José


Execute, secure, and sustain the civic solutions that allow San José to thrive.


The City of San José is the Capital of Silicon Valley. We aspire to be as innovative as the community we serve! ITD's success will be defined by our ability to:

  • Hire exceptional contributors and help them grow;
  • Engage in meaningful ways with our community;
  • Partner with departments, residents, businesses, and peers on shared goals; and
  • Absorb, execute, and sustain technologies that solve City needs.