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Enterprise Priorities

San Jose is a city in transition, as an organization and as a place. We are transitioning from a suburb of orchards in the valley of heart's delight to an urban city in the heart of the new Silicon Valley. In 2017, City Manager Dave Sykes developed the following Enterprise Priorities, which serve as the primary focus of his Senior Leadership Team.

  1. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AND PREPAREDNESS: No issue is more important than the lives and safety of our residents. The City has more work to do to ensure San José is well-prepared for earthquakes and other disasters, particularly for those who are most vulnerable. As a City, we will do more to be prepared for emergencies and commit to this priority with relentless attention and support.

  2. CREATING HOUSING AND PREVENTING HOMELESSNESS: All people in San José need a place they can call home, and feel they belong as a vital part of the city around them. If we are to welcome everyone home to San José, we must address the housing crisis and homelessness that confront our City. Our Mayor and Council have set a goal of adding 25,000 residential units in the next five years – including 10,000 affordable units. Assisting our existing homeless residents requires the City begin to work outside traditional silos and align amongst several public and private partnerships to creatively and effectively address the challenge.

  3. SAFE, VIBRANT, AND INCLUSIVE NEIGHBORHOODS AND PUBLIC LIFE: The diverse mosaic of people who live, work and play in San José deserve vibrant public spaces and places that are beautiful, clean, safe and inclusive. The people of San José need community spaces that bring them together across generations, across cultures, and points of view.

  4. THE FUTURE OF DOWNTOWN: Downtown is everyone’s neighborhood. Diridon Station is slated to become an expanded intermodal transportation hub of regional and statewide significance. Both BART and High Speed Rail are designated to join electrified Caltrain and VTA Light Rail at the Diridon Station. It is one of our highest priorities to effectively manage the complex mix of transit improvements, commercial development, residential development, and public space improvements taking place Downtown.

  5. BUILDING THE SAN JOSE OF TOMORROW – PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES: To drive economic investment and development in San José, we must transform our planning, building, and permitting processes for small and large-sized businesses. We will address the efficiency and flow of our Development Services processes, because we’re building the future San José that is outlined in the San José Envision 2040 General Plan.

  6. SMART, SUSTAINABLE AND RELIABLE CITY: 21ST CENTURY INFRASTRUCTURE: Competing in the global economy and addressing climate imperatives requires updating our energy, water, waste, transportation, and internet connectivity infrastructure, as well as translating traditional infrastructure such as roads and streetlights into 21st century infrastructure. From the launch of a Clean Energy program, long-term investments in the Regional Wastewater Facility and San José International Airport, and new strategies for Broadband and Digital Inclusion, as well as Automated/Electric Vehicles, we must focus on developing smart, sustainable, and reliable infrastructure to shape America’s next great city.

  7. STRATEGIC FISCAL POSITIONING AND RESOURCE DEPLOYMENT: We will continue to be both strategic and responsible in how we manage and balance the City’s $3.7 billion budget, and must be smart and efficient in how we serve our community. We will always look for opportunities to be cost-effective in all aspects of our service delivery system and consider new or expanded revenue sources, while minimizing impacts to our tax, rate, and fee payers and working to ensure equity and inclusion in how our services are delivered.

  8. POWERED BY PEOPLE: We recognize that our employees power the City of San José and our success as a City is dependent on our ability to create a diverse, talented, and engaged workforce. Managing our talent means we will continue to accelerate and improve upon our successes in our strategic hiring, develop partnerships to create a long-term recruiting pipeline, and support employee retention, engagement, and advancement through training and development programs.