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Volunteer Opportunities

Upcoming Volunteer Events

All volunteer events are cancelled at this time due to the County of Santa Clara's Public Health Department's Shelter in Place Order.

 Volunteer Opportunity  Location  Date  Time



 9:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Volunteer in your neighborhood. Join us with the Sunday in the Park series, and keep San José's parks clean and green!

There are many ways to give your time back to your community. From park clean up to serving food, browse the categories below and find your perfect fit. Volunteers must complete the City of San José Volunteer Service Agreement.

Park Volunteers

  • Volunteers must be at least 6-years-old.
  • High School “Community Service Hours” are awarded to park volunteers
  • All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Service Agreement

Volunteers Will Typically

  • Pick-up litter
  • Remove graffiti
  • Weed
  • Mulch
  • Weed and clean tree basins
  • Rake leaves
  • Trim bushes
  • Prune flowers/roses
  • Cut back suckers
  • Sweep walkways
  • Clean street gutters
  • Level DG
  • Sweep walkways
  • Clean street gutters
  • Level DG
  • Eliminate cobwebs
  • Remove old tape
  • Remove staples
  • Wash picnic tables
  • Clean playground equipment
  • Clean exercise equipment
  • Wash/paint trash cans
  • Paint curbing
  • Improve park sign area

 One Day Volunteer Events

  • One Day Volunteer Events are done in 3-4 hours
  • They run from 8:45 to 12:00 noon, any day of the week
  • All supplies are provided
  • Call (408) 595-3483 to schedule a park clean-up event for your group
  • Find the details for our next One Day Volunteer Event on the volunteer calendar

 Sunday Series Volunteer Events

  • Current Sunday Series events - TBD
  • All Sunday Series event begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 12:30 p.m.
  • We visit a park in each City of San José Council district every 10 weeks
  • All supplies are provided
  • Find the details for our current Sunday Series on the volunteer calendar
  • Email or call (408) 595-3483 for more information

 Corporate Volunteer Events

  • Does your work want to participate in a service event?
  • Team-build through park clean-ups
  • Volunteer events are 3 to 4 hours
  • Opportunities available any weekday
  • All tools and supplies provided
  • After volunteering, stay at the park to enjoy the great outdoors!
  • Email or call (408) 595-3483 for more information

 Scout Volunteer Projects

  • Gold/Silver/Bronze Award projects for Girl Scouts
  • Eagle Scout projects
  • Rangers assist with project development and onsite building
  • Make a difference in your neighborhood!
  • Email or call (408) 595-3483 for more information

Adopt-A-Park or Trail

Sign Up for various volunteer opportunities online!

The Adopt-A-Park (AAP) program is our long-term volunteer opportunity. Volunteers can be one person, families, friends or neighbors.

Which parks are available for adoption?

When can I volunteer?

Volunteers are welcome anytime at the park between 8:00 AM to ½ hour after sunset


Help with different landscaping and maintenance tasks



  • 8 hours of service per month
  • 1 year commitment


  • 16 hours of service per month
  • 1 year commitment


All materials are provided

Registration paperwork should be completed and mailed to:

Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services
200 East Santa Clara Street
9th Floor, Tower
San Jose, CA 95113
ATTN: Adopt-A-Park

Community Centers

Opportunities Include

  • Building and grounds (washing windows, cleaning and picking up litter)
  • Office work
  • Pre-school class prep work (cutting out shapes, preparing art projects, making copies)
  • Therapeutics
  • Youth Program Coaches

Sign up as a volunteer at a community center today!

Additional information for Volunteers

Volunteers cannot use power tools, chemicals, herbicides or pesticides.

Fingerprinting and a TB test are required for most volunteer positions.

To apply for a City of San Jose volunteer experience, please complete our Volunteer Service Agreement. After staff has reviewed the application, the volunteer office will contact you regarding next steps.

Questions? Please email or call (408) 535-3483.

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